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my first guitar (a bass)

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thats weird, it didnt put my question in, mabye i typed something wrong???

bassically, i was asking what the white strip around the edge is, is it another peice of wood under the top wood? or do they just paint it.

i know its gonna be tough but ill take my time and go for it anyways.

any tips you can offer to would be good.



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ok, i have been reading a bunch of tutorials and im gonna try and get a book today, but i did have another question.

most everything i read shows the body of the guitar being glued, do i have to glue 2 peices of wood together and then cut them out to form the body? or can i use one big peice?

bassed off this picture, it looks like the body is just the 2 sides glued onto the neck that runs the entire length of the body, is that how this guitar was made? it just is confusing me a little.

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There's various construction types. The picture you linked looks like a set neck where the glue has a tenon on the end and it glued in. What you described is called neck through, where the neck is one piece of wood that goes through the body and "wings" are glued to it.

You can make the body from one or two pieces of wood. More if you really want but it's not a good. Apparently.

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just for strength and (im guessing) to make it more easier, ill go with a solid body and then glueing the neck into it.

on rickenbackers website, the description for the 4003 bass (which is pretty much the exact replica of the 4001) list the body as being solid, but the neck being through body, i think the body being solid means that its one peice of wood with the neck bolted or glued on, but doesnt saying the neck is through body mean that is a neck with wings glued on? its all very confusing to me, thanks for your help

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