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Carriburst Update


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Carriburst Update news is this:

You show up in January with a Carriburst, you're in.

No registration, no post reading, no nuthin'.

You build it, you finish it, you got pics to prove it, you're in the running.

The only standing rules are 4:

1) It has to be -easily- (and I mean EASILY) identified as what everyone knows to be a carriburst. If you build something else, great, but it's not in the contest if it's not a carriburst. It's like porn...hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.

2) It has to be a 100% completely finished, up and running instrument, buffed, shined, intonated, glossy, plug-in-and-play instrument to be entered in the contest.

(uhhh, I have never seen a satin-finished carriburst :D )

3) You have to have some 'in progress' pics (to avoid any malicious false entrants).

4) You did the finish

That's it.

For anyone who doesn't already know, there is also a separate contest for a TUTORIAL on how a carriburst is done.

:D See ya at the finish line. :D

PS, even tho you don't have to, I would recommend reading the original threads, cuz Litchfield has done a FREAKING INCREDIBLE job of supplying carriburst pictures (although I noticed some of the early ones seem to have been removed B) ).

Some others here have offered some superb pics too, but Jeff has gone above and beyond in supplying great carriburst pics, they are all in the thread, and well worth looking at.

Thanks again Jeff. B)

PPS I will ask Wes to lock this thread.

Any comments or questions or anything else that requires you to post something, post it in the Carriburst thread pinned above, that's what it's there for. :D

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