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how do I get the centerline?

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I'm no expert, but I think I'd mark that first on a one-piece body, or would take the butt join of a two piece as my centre line and align the template to that.

If the body's already cut, I'd measure the width of the neck joint pocket, and mark it half way across, then drop a line from there passing through the centre of the other end of the pocket (further in the body), which if the bout of the body is symmetrical - say like strat tele sg LP, that line should hit the edge of the body at 90 degrees - where the strap pin whould go on such guitars.

Hope that's of some help.


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It would have been easier if it had been done prior to cutting it out.

In theory it doesn't matter, though.

I would say, look at the body, and make a mark at the center of the neck pocket (I'm guessing no routing of any kind has been done yet...), and lay a ruler across the body. Adjust the position of the ruler until it seems to be laying down what looks like the "natural center line" of the body.

If you already have the neck, but the body hasn't been routed, you can lay the neck in the neck pocket position (where it would go when finished), adjust the neck until it looks visually pleasing, and then with the ruler lined up at the center of the neck, continue that center line onto the body.

And that should do it....

More or less.

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attach the neck to the body, then put the low E and high E strings on and attach to the bridge. then move the bridge right and left until they are aligned properly on the neck, then find the center point between the strings and mark it. after that connect the mark from the centert of the neck pocket with the mark you just made at the bridge

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