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truss rod installation

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what you do is, route a channel with the correct depth, and width and length (depends o the truss rod) in the neck, depending on the ntype of neck it can either go in the front with the fretboard glued on top of it or in the back with a fillet (aka skunk stripe) glued in above it

when thats done, you place the truss rod into the channel and atach the truss rod nut in the coorect place (be it heel adjustment or head adjustment), and then glue the fretboard in place over it or the skunk stripe,

as a last note, is it something more specific because the question is awfully broad

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well then its not a skunk stripe, a skunk stripe is that black (or contrasting) color stripe you see in those strat guitars in the bakc of the neck

but it depends some people like to glue in a fillet so theres no chance it will cause problems later on, but it all depends, if you glue a fillet in with a top truss rod, and then a fillet and then a fretboard, you need to route the channel deeper (depending on the fillet) then what you need without it,

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