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after months and months of checking the website and reading the forum i have started my first guitar project. im trying to do the rg to jem conversion. so far i have striped all the paint off. i dont know what exactly i want to do. i cant decide between the burnt stain finish or a swirl. which one do you recommend for a novice.

do you know where i can get a copy of a rg/jem pickgaurd template. the guitar body im modifing did not come with one. i was wondering if anyone out there could e-mail it to me and i could print it out.


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Hi izzy and welcome to the forum :D

For the first time finisher I think the Burnt Stained finish would be your best bet.

As far as pick guard templates go I'm not sure of anyone that would have one.

I'll move this post into the Finishing and Inlay section so you can get more opinion's on what you should try first.

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