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Resawing without a bandsaw!


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I’m posting this here in response to a question in another section. For years I agonized over how to re-saw lumber without a band saw. And even with one it’s a bear. When I was at the Apprentice Shop they used an old saw from a butcher shop, because it was the only one they could find that would open wide enough to rip a 10” board.

I happened across the answer about a month ago! :D It’s called a frame saw, and it’s one of those “God, why didn’t I think of that” hand tools. I just built one last night, based on directions I found on this woodworking site.

Basically it’s a rectangular frame with a band saw blade stretched across the middle. You start your cut with a regular back saw, then sit the frame saw blade into the kerf and start cutting. Detailed instructions on how to use the things are on the site above.


I made mine from scrap maple and poplar. I got a bow saw blade from a local woodworkers shop for $6. I altered the design a bit to help stabilize the blade (I hope.) I also think I’m going to add vertical handles at the edge of the frame to make pushing the frame more ergonomic.

Anyone else have experience with these? I could use any pointers and advise on using them I could get. I the meantime I’ll keep you all posted on how it works as soon as I get around to using it.

And by the way, since I’m probably buying a band saw eventually, what’s the best buy for the money?

And how the hell DO you upload pictures here anyway? Do I have to (shudder) use html?

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Howdy Charlie.

Interesting project you've got there. As for your pictures... there's a thread about using www.photobucket.com (it's free).

You don't need to know HTML to post pictures. Photobucket will tell you the link to the picture. All you have to do is paste that link in the little box that shows up when you click the "IMG" button.


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