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MM stingray4 p/u v.s. Seymour's SMB-4d


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My old bassguitar sucks. So i started to take the better parts of it and use it for a new one i going to build. (pics as soon as i start working on it ;p )

I noticed 2 things: the body was made of triplex or something ugly like that. And the neck was made of maple and the scale palissander so that is very usable for having a MusicMan-style sound.

The thing with MM-pickups is that they don't sell them without the guitar :D

and the key to the fat wall of bass that stingray gives is the active pickup with f/a-polepieces.

Seymour and Bartolini do MM aftermarket pups but i wonder if they give the same or a better sound.. they are expensive so i want to hear some positive stuff before i get an extra job for them.

My uncle had let me play on his Stingray in combination with a large Trace Elliot.. There a few basses that give me the feeling i am getting a Thai massage when i slap the E-string around..

So anybody experienced the replacement pups( or someone to sell his stock MM gear.. ) ?



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