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Pickup installation


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i have two dimarzio pickups which i have connected to a 5 way switch......neck red wire to peg 8 and bridge red wire to peg 6...ground to peg 5. I get the same sound on position 1 & 2 and same sound on position 4 & 5.......im wondering if these positions are giving me full serial humbucker sound or is the power being cut due to the sound being sent to two different positions?

thanks in advance

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A couple of questions:
  • What kind of 5 way switch, a std Strat, or something fancier?
  • Why do you have the ground wire hooked up to the switch?
  • What are you trying to get the switch to do?

its a standard 5 way switch which came on my Ibanez RG1570, nothing fancy, has 8 "pegs" (or whatever they are called) on it in a straight line. I wrote wrong in the original message, the 5th peg is connected to the volume pot not ground sorry. i would like if possible to get split sounds from the dimarzio as well as humbucker sounds, i was told earlier i could do this but im not sure how to wire it, i would really apreciate some help :-). I also wonder if because the same sound is coming out on two different positions on the switch if that means im gettin lower output.

thanks for the help


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If you're not using a middle pickup, and you don't have the other half of the switch wired up (lugs 1-4), then you're doing fine. Positions 1 and 2 are one pickup, positions 4 and 5 are the other, and position 3 should be dead. If you have a middle pickup wired to lug 7, you have a standard Strat setup. Try wiring lug 1 to the black/white wire pair on the bridge pickup, lug 2 to ground, and lug 3 to the black/white pair on the neck pickup, and see if that gets you what you're looking for. :D

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