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converting to string through TOM

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I recently have been looking at my old first guitar and started thinkin that i could probably convert it from a stoptailbridge peice, liek on the LP Jrs and PRS guitars, to a string through Tune-o-matic bridge. Its a Slammer by Hamer SP1F-CS. http://www.hamerguitars.com/img/pdf/slammer2003.pdf its on the 3rd page and is the cherry sunburst. What exactly do i have to do for the string holes and ferruls? I was thinkin all it would require is drilling 6 holes with a drill press then installing the ferruls. How do the ferruls go in are they just tapped in with a little glue? Also since i will be drilling through an existing finnish are there any things i can do to make sure the edges of the holes are clean? The posts for the TOM will screw into the inserts that are there for the bridge/tail peice.

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