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Newbie question and confirmation

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I am planning on building a guitar (Planning now for few months) just a one thing I need confirmation on and a question.

Is it correct that double action truss rods such as stewmac’s HotRods or Lmi’s TRED can be installed in a flat bottom channel, and both will be suitable for a Gibson style angled headstock (adjustable at the headstock)

The guitar I am thinking of making is sort of a Les Paul/SG hybrid (a Genetically modified guitar). I am planning on doing a carved top and had an idea, that I think will look good, but have no idea on the tonal impact of it. I am thinking of laminating (6mm, 2/8in ) alternately dark and light coloured woods together for the top then carving it, I believe that it will look good but what will it sound like (In Martin Kock’s book that he recommended against plywood, would this be similar).


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Yes, you can install a truss rod with a flat chanel, but if you cut it with a router, you could also use a bevel bit and put it in that way. and it will work with an angled head neck.

and with the carved top idea, it sounds very intresting, and it woulnt effect the tone much at all, but it would be VERYY hard to get it all to look right, because its hard to carve all of it so that it will look right with contrasting woods i would geuss.

but you can give it a go :D

ps plywood is bad because of the wood they use, its not good tone wood at all. if you use tone woods it wouldnt sound bad, just a little different cause of the glue, but not bad.

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Thanks for the reply, while I am going to be doing the carving, I have a friend who has been carving (not guitars) for over 20 years who has offered to help, when I get around to starting I will post pics.

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