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Hey guys, I just put in a new pickup selector and a push/pull mute on my tone knob. The push pull is a regular 500k cts with a spdt. The selector is the all chrome danelectro from Brian's site. Everything works except that the selector mutes the guiar when it is in the middle position. Here is how I have it hooked up. I drew everything as a picture instead of a schematic in case I hooked something into the wrong spot.




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Is it really a "pickup selector" switch or is it some kind of ON-OFF-ON switch? Could you provide a url link to this switch so we have more info to go on? And what about the push-pull switch on your tone knob; your diagram doesn't show it so is it connected?

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The switch is the EP 4368-010 all chrome danelectro switch from brian's site here.

Universal Jems Switches

Saber: the push/pull cutoff is hooked up. It is to the left of the output jack.

Lovecraft: I will check the switch with a multimeter tomorrow after i borrow one from work.

Thanks for the help guys, I have no idea what is going on.


On a ridiculously happy side note, I just bought my first tube amp. A peavey classic 50 4x10 and it is amazing :-D At least to my SS acclimated ears.

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