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12 string

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hey everyone- ive finished my guitar (which, without your help, probably would have had the wide frets at the body end and narrow ones at the top, or something) , and im ready to begin shopping for my 12 string project. ive yet to find a website with a good supply of 12 string parts. they seem very scattered over the internet. is there any site anyone would recommend? im looking for bridges, nuts, you kno, the usual. thanks a lot!

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buy 2 sets of 6inline tuners with small tuner buttons One left one right

You can use a Tune O Matic Bridge with a tailpiece for 6 strings and 6 strings through the body

Use Your Imagination. You don't have to settle for off the shelf unless you want to

Stewmac used to have a preslotted 12 string nut but they dont list it anymore

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