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cherry sunburst

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does anyone know where i could find an illustrated tutorial on how to make a cherry sunburst?? ive looked at the one at reranch, but there isnt enough pictures, and its confusing (im a man, im pretty visual, lol) so does anyone have any other suggestions? this is my guitar if neccessary... thanks... -jack


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scratch that-- i just came up with a better idea, with help from my sister, but i dont know if it is possible, im wanting to leave that paint on, and add a black burst around it, so would it be possible to leave everything on it thats already on it(clear coats, paint, everything), and add a black burst, then put more clear coat on it? anyone...?

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please tell me if i'll be doing anyhting wrong(this is my first finishing project), this is what i'll be doing to the body:

1.take it apart, clean it, etc.

2.spray black burst

3.add clear coat

4.drying time (btw, does anyone know how long it'll take??)

5.put guitar back together

6.play the guitar... :D

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