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Loose Input Jack


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if its on a guitar, you need to take a screw driver, unscrew the 2 screws and take out the jack plate, with the jack on it, then using the \correct wrench, while holding the bottom part of the jack you turn it clockwise to tighten, it, the chances of failure are miniscule, and any mistakes or damage is easily reversible/fixed,

if your talking about something else then pelase elaborate, since it is a rather simple/broad questionh

oh ad it happens frequently because since it is kinda loose, the jack jiggles, thus looseining it even more,

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I always put a drop of super glue on the nut to keep it on.  Jackplates are cheap enough and switches go bad so rarely that it doesn't really hurt anything.  I used to tech for a few different bands and thats the only trick I found that would fix it.

emphasise on drop, you might want to be able to remove it in the future,

oh and the output jack thing also, but he might be talking about an amp

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