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question about truss rod length and placement


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I'm wanting to rout the cavity for placing a truss rod and I was wondering about the positioning of the rod. How far into the body of the guitar can I go - all the way until I run out of room for the pickup? If I go way into the body, should I just make sure to adjust the truss rod length so that the middle of the bow is at the middle of the fret length scale?

One last question, when you talk about the scale of a guitar - is it measured from nut to bridge or nut to tailpiece? Further, do you measure from the edge of the nut (I'm assuming) or the center of the nut. If anyone has answers, thank you! This website is great. Thanks again!

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The function of the truss rod is for adjusting neck relief, inserting into the body will serve very little purpose. Have a look at other guitars, acoustic and electric and see how they are constructed. The scale length is determined at the two points where there is string contact. So it is measured from the leading edge of the nut and at the point of the saddle on the bridge where the string first touches it. The most imporatnt rule is that the center of the 12th fret is at the mid point of your scale length. Otherwise, intonation will be impossible. Hit the search button in this forum, there is lots of info on this subject and :D .

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