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Help fitting a locking nut to a BC Rich

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I am refinishing one of the few BC Rich NJ Bichs and I though while I was at it, I would change the tremolo system to a locking one, Floyd Rose. So far, all goes well but I'm just wondering if anyone knowns whether I should put a string retainer behind the nut or not. They are on the Ibanez guitars but not one so many other floyd fitted axes I have seen. Anyone with experience is welcome:

Also, what pickups do people recommend for a metallica sound (I know... EMG 81s... but I'm looking for passives)

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well i can't help with the string retainer much - except to say that my Ibanez RG1570 has one!

As far as pickups... EMG make a passive equivalent of the 81, it's the HZ H-4 (

Link) and it is a fantastic sounding pickup for the metallica sound - my brother has a set in his Jackson.

You could also try DiMarzio Evolutions, which are extrememly good pups - good all around sound also. Great for metal!

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