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Inlaying with wood

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Im going to be putting an macasar ebony fingerboard on my guitar and I will be doing some custom inlay on both the fingerboard and the head of the guitar. I dont want to use MOP or any other standard inlay material as I want something different.

I was thinking of using a different type of wood to make the inlays out of. What wood do you think would look good?

I may use the same wood I inlay the fingerboard with to laminate the headstock and use ebony to inlay that. Any thoughts?


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Heres the inlay Im planning on putting on the 11th - 13th frets (stretching across them) img_1288.jpg

What do you think of using bobunga or goncalo alvez with a black ebony?

If I use guncalo alvez I wont have to buy much extra wood as I am using that for the neck anyway.

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I'd go with bloodwood! Red inlay on that is amazingly cool.

Anything you do should be colorful. Maple would look nice, but maple and ebony has been done before. Purpleheart, yellowheart, osage orange, padouk, bloodwood, jarrah, pink ivory, juniper (ULTRA bright white), the sky's the limit.

One thing to consider: if doing a thin line inlay like that, you might have better luck inlaying a mixture of epoxy and wood dust. That way, you don't have to deal with the ultra thin and fragile wood. You smear the paste in, scrape it smooth, and sand off the excess when it dries.

Along that same line, you can color epoxy with chalk dust or metal filings. Goldstone ( a mix of epoxy/glass and copper) would also look great with an ebony board, or use brass or nickel silver to match hardware.

If you end up doing a more solid design, I'd go with birdseye maple. The figure in that is smaller than flame or quilt, so it'd probably look better in inlay sizes.

Goncalo alves wouldn't work so well if you did wood/epoxy. It might look nice as a matching inlay and neck for pyramids or trapezoids or something.

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The inlay has cjanged a little. Its not exactly that but the basic heart is the same. I am changing the things sticking out, dunno what to call them.

Ill try and post pics of the inlay ideas once I get a chance.

Yeah the wood I said earlier is red aswel thats why I was using it because Im putting the gibson finish on aswel.

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Ok I got some sketchs done

Heres the headstock


or at

http://2nesario.us:8600/ximages/public/headstock decal.jpg

Heres the fretboard inlays The one at the top is for the 24th fret and it goes down in the regular order 24,1,19,15,17,15,13-11,9,7,5,3)


or at

http://2nesario.us:8600/ximages/public/frets inlay line.jpg

I havent done any proper sketchs yet so the sizes and curves arent done properly but these are the best sketchs Ive got.

Any thoughts on what material to use preferably what type of wood to use as an inlay?

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Find a piece of padauk. Sometimes padauk has different tones of reds and pinks in them. So start with the lightest red and proceed to the darkest one in the 12th fret and then lighten again, and at the 24th (or 22th depends on your fretboard) fret,use the same as you used at the 3rd fret.

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Sounds nice Ill have a look. Also I figure I was thinking last night that I should maybe have the 12th fret as a center and hace everything on either side be a mirror image i.e. the 3rd fret inlay will be a mirror image of the 21st fret inlay and so on.

Any thoughts?

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