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Home made bobin sander


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Hello, I am in the process of planning for my first guitar, only tool I realy need is a bobin sander. My old fella has most the other stuff, a bandsaw, planner, routers and plenty of clamps ect... Anyway i am thinking about making a bobin sander out of a washing machine motor. My bro who's a mechanic geek reckons that you can get variable speed ones so speed should not be a problem and I found a bobin that will fit on a 5/8 shaft. Might even go as far as fitting a chuck on it. The idea being I can fit it under a bench and poke the bobin through.

Has anyone else tried anything like this or is it a bad idea? I think it needs to run at around 1200 rpm, fairly slow, does that sound right?

cheers, :-)


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I've seen the sanders that Litchfield is talking about and they look perfectly acceptable. Or, you could do like I did and buy a drum sander bit for your drill press (assuming you have one). I think I paid less than $10 for the bit and it worked very well. I pretty sure Jehle uses the same setup. Just a thought.

Oh wait, is the bobbin you're talking about what I'm calling a drum sander bit? In either case I suppose my suggestion of using your drill press is still valid. Let us know what you decide!

Best Regards,


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Ive havn't been able to find any cheap bobin/spindle sanders in the UK. Cheapest was 160UK about 250USD. And I dont want to spent that much untill I find out if I have the patience to take this up as a serious hobby.


I think I am going to go the drill press route for now. I found mjyself a washing machine motor today and it needs electronic controll :D so its to complicated for me. Anyway the drill press sounds like the best way, alot let hassle B) i just have to find a way to lock the height cause it is a drill pess / mortise combo with no height lock on it.



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