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Resonator Top

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Alright guys,

I've been toying with the idea of knocking up a resonator. It's not on the cards for a while but it takes time to plan and more importantly find the money.

Here is the deal:

There is a bloke in my village who makes resonators (which is lucky) and he said that I could borrow his templates. I can also buy the cones and spider(s) off of him. I'm thinking of going the single cone route rather than the triple cone as I prefer the sound.

I should also be able to get the stainless metal work laser (or lazer for you americans) cut for next to nothing. so that's not going to be a problem. so far so good.

Here is the question:

Does the top material have much of an effect on the sound of the resonator? I'm guessing that it'll have a bit of an effect but not massive amounts as the majority of the sound will come from the cone. I'm not using metal or wood, but unfortunately I can't tell you what I am using (I know it's not in the spirit of the forum but I don't want any Kench Byers types swiping the idea).

Cheers for the help :D

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You might want to track down Paul Beards web site. In it, he says that the less sound generated by the body, the stiffer the body is, the better (several days later I found this error). That is why the brass resonators are so effective. All of the sound should be coming from the cone.

BTW: In America, it is laser.

Take care,

Guitar Ed

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L ight A mplified by the S imulated E mission of R adiation


I know, I had to study them for months. Thats what always bothered me about the way I thought you yanks spelt it, but you don't, so I'm wrong. Sorry :D

Made a laser out of jelly and a camera flash once. Was't great but it worked.

Cheers guitar_ed, I'll have a look and think about some cross bracing. :D

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