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im posting here about a fretless conversion

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First off, I have been offered a wonderful deal on a OLP Music Man Styled Bass guitar, its a nice one too, in great shape, with a nice Maple neck. Ok, this guy had wanted a fretless so he had pulled the frets from the guitar, he did a good job, only at the second fret has a slight indentation on the maple where he dug in a little too deep with the pliers, he never filled the fret lines so they are just open, it sounds good too just the way it is but I would like to do several things with the neck if I end up getting it. He only wants a Hundred Bucks for it as is so Im really thinking about. I have several ideas, I might just replace the frets, but Im also thinking of finishing his neck conversion. Ok, if I do finish the conversion, heres my ideals on the conversion. One, its a maple capped board, steam or heat up the glue and take the board off completely and replace with a piece of rosewood or ebony (or other suggestions on wood B) I would need to learn how to radius it etc... but that is something I would like to learn, ok Two, leave the orginal board and fill the lines, I was thinking what about some darkwood sawdust and some regular glue like elmers, or something along those lines, would that work, sort of like how the vine inlays are done on a maple board, or somekind of epoxy or other filler, any suggestions you have would be appreciated, and Third, inserting thin dark wood strips, and sanding them to match the radius, anyways, those are some of the ideals I had, any other suggestions on materials or techniques would be appreciated, or this could be a good oppurtunity to learn how to install frets :D many ideals, what do you guys think, thanks in advance


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I'm pretty sure (not positive) that the old timers would say use hide glue and dust and some of the newer inlay artist's would go with epoxy and dust.

The biggest difference I can think of between the two is the hide glue might not shine or polish up as much as the epoxy.

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