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I have a theoretical question. Say I had a Quilted maple top and i wanted to dye it or some other type of translucent or clear finish. how would I apply it (the dye)? by hand rubbed what do they mean (rubbed in with a rag or actually applied with by hand. What smoothness should I have the wood sanded to? do I have to finish over it with a hard finish? how do I dye it to show depth in the quilt? seems like a lot of questions B) . I have a body with a quilt maple top and i thought i wanted to finish it natural but all my experimental finishing on scrap hasn't brought the grain out like I wanted it to. I still want to finish it clear but I haven't got it right yet and I'm getting impatient. also, how do I fill in the cracks without it showing too much. any answers wouild be much appreciated :D

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