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Candy Clearcoating process

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i have a lot to learn :D

Slammed :D , not really, he is right, also you can try and do searches since this topics are discussed here too often... I have used candy but a long time ago, back in the 80"s. You lay your base, be white, silver metalic or whatever, the candy is a transparent color and the more coats you apply the deeper the hue of the color. it is I will say a coat for pros, or people with more experience since if you have to sand or don't apply it right, you will come up with an uneven color, this type of paint is base coat and you have to finish it with clear coat... I will probably wait for LGM or any of the other experts to give you a final advise... B) and Welcome.

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A Kandy finish is essentially a transparent top coat over a colored base. Your trans top finish can be blue, red, orange etc. The end color is dictated strongly by the base color you choose.

For example, if you use a Red Kandy over a Silver base you get a bright cooler looking red. Red Kandy over a Gold base will give you a bright rich warmer tone. Red Kandy over a green base will give an almost black cherry look, Red Kandy over a white base will give you a pinkish looking red.

Here is an example of Red Kandy over a metallic burnt red base.


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