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  • Guitar Of The Month - February 2018

    name: (H)851-6T
    scale length: 26"- 25.5"
    number of strings: 6
    fingerboard wood: ebony
    number of frets: 22 with MOP dot
    neck wood: 5 piece laminated padauk/quilted maple/rosewood/quilted maple/padauk
    body wood: laminated maple /padauk/zebrano/padauk
    top wood: zebrano / padauk with black epoxy resin binding
    neck pu: Seymour Duncan '59
    bridge pu: Seymour Duncan JB
    nut: BLACK Technology for Musicians (H)Nuts
    bridge: BLACK Technology for Musicians (H)T Tremolo (new version with micro ball bearings) 

    ProjectGuitar.com forum build thread


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