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  1. The other rule is not to put your hand up shouting, "I know what the second rule is"!
  2. Wow. Now that's a concerted effort towards crazy! I learnt many years ago (mostly because, well, kids) that the last word is the one best unspoken. Many bad things lay beyond that gate that I have no particular care for engaging with, especially when it is to no useful end. I'm sort of "Chaotic Good" in the passive-aggressive D&D of life. You know I'm right, let's underline that with reminding ourselves that it can either be you or me....and we both know it's me, so let's get on with life. *slams the door in the Jehovah's Witness' faces* Mostly with us it's that we don't stand for com
  3. Pori? Haha Finnish women are crazy. Nina is a hella persistent negotiator for discounts and free stuff. It's easier to give in.
  4. Finnish woman just shout at you or poke you with a knife until the job is done. Not sure if this could be classified as "wiles". Either that or carry the bags before you've had chance to figure out the time of day, then spend the next week reminding you how slow and shit you were.
  5. Yeah, that's a rough start alright. Sorry about your father, and I hope that your daughter has a good way through from this.
  6. My working trip to Italy has been cancelled, and I think it was the right decision. I'd have to quarantine for two weeks (impractical) and given it would be around two weeks over there anyway, the constantly shifting travel bans and uptick in the faster-spreading variant make it a risk of ending up stranded. No thanks.
  7. As always, so many ways to consider what affects your vote eh? Last year's GOTM winners have been a broad range of technical building skills, eye for balance and aesthetics, pure geometry in application, effort, fantastic backstories/build logs and plain coolness. I would be happy picking up any one of these for a run. Good luck guys!
  8. Oh man, that's terrible news. He's looked ill for some time, and I know the speculation mill will start working overtime to no good end on this. Alexi was innovative and recognisable to the point that I would rank him up there with so many names like Friedman, Skolnick, Gilbert, etc. Man, that's sad news for music.
  9. Yeah, it's nice when doing something a different way forces you to adapt existing ideas into new forms. You could always cut a second pickup hole for "nut access" if that's absolutely necessary, Wes.
  10. I used to be far more diligent and obsessive over things like flatsawn vs. quartersawn years back. Exactly what Mikro says about Fender, agreed. My more chilled out (more, not "completely") self thinks that symmetrical growth ring direction across the neck profile is key. Also, avoiding wood with tight growth ring radii as these will always be the greatest source of movement and warping in service. When it comes to visual aspects, yes, you can't avoid specific cuts if you're trying to show a specific figure available only on that cut. Birdseye spots off the flat close to the outside of th
  11. I thought it was funny passwords and secret handshakes with beef?
  12. Seasonal greetings to all; be safe and look after those around you! We'll navigate these strange times with patience and a little solidarity. I'm hoping to pick the ball back up with building soon, possibly with a straightforward VH1 Frankenstrat. Also need to finish my 5-string bass's electronics and finishing, pick up a set of Optima Golds for it, etc.
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