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Always meant to ask you - how do you deal with mounting of the string clamps for the D/G strings with respect to the truss rod access hole at the top of the neck? It seems that with the truss rod hole right underneath the D/G string clamps, there isn't much wood for the mounting screws to go in to. The situation is even worse with a seven string, as the D string clamp is directly over the hole.

The only solution I could come up with was to either use a truss rod that is adjustable at the heel or make up an adaptor plate to allow the mounting screws sufficient distance either side of the truss rod:



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If you take a look to the three guitars I've posted I have realized three custom baseplate for our nuts, 'cause I used traditional double action truss rod (I could not find Music Man style truss rod with spoke wheel).


Obviously I can't produce this baseplate in 6/7/8/9... version, straight or angled in different degrees for different scale length, in chrome, black and gold finish. It would be impossible have them in stock or produce them singularly under request.

Hence my suggest is to use truss rods with spoke wheel where is possibile, or glue the single baseplate above the truss rod hole access with epoxy. 

Personally I bought 5 truss rods with spoke wheel for my next builds...

PS: nice job with the baseplate.

PPS: From the fretboard inlay I realized only now who you are... You build great guitars Andrew. 

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