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  • Guitar Of The Month - March 2019

    Well, after a month of so's delay, I present to you my lightweight 4 string 34" bass, "Great Scott!"

    The reason for the name can be found both in the build thread:


    and this post here:



    Basic spec is:

    • 34" scale 4 string bass
    • Poplar burr top, swamp ash back, maple /walnut neck, maple fretboard, ebony blocks
    • Luminlay side markers
    • Aero P / J pickups
    • Master vol, master tone, blend
    • Magnetic fixings for control chamber and trussrod cover
    • Knobs made from body woods
    • Finish - mixed stains, tru-oil slurry and buffed (body), Danish oil (neck)
    • Final playing weight sub 6 3/4 lbs 

    I'm a hobby builder and embarked on my first foray into woodworking around 6 years ago.  I build for my own use, fellow band members, friends, family and occasional commissions such as this one.  I've built bass guitars, electrics and acoustics over that time.

    Not the smoothest of builds, but got there in the end!

    In recent years I've been trying to challenge the often surprised statement when an non-player picks up a guitar or bass for the first time, "Gosh - why are they SO heavy???"

    So this one (and nor are the other electrics and basses I've built recently) isn't :) 


    So here is "Great Scott!"  (and he really is, by the way)







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