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  • Guitar Of The Month - October 2021

    The Telebusker

    Hey Everyone!

    Here is my 4th guitar/1st tube amp build. This was mostly built in my basement with a few trips to visit friends and family with a wider selection of tools. Shoutout to ArcticWhite from the TDPRI for the name idea.

    The inspiration for this build came from mashing together a vintage blackguard esquire and champ amp. I wanted a way to play electric guitar for short bursts that didn't require much setup. I was also chasing that "cranked tube amp" tone at household volume levels. 

    The Specs:

    • Reclaimed Pine Body
    • 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood Top + Back
    • Fender Standard Series Neck (Maple)
    • Tweed/Shellac Finish
    • Hot Hide Glue
    • McNelly A5 Signature Tele Bridge Pickup
    • 1/4W 12U7 & 12K5 Tube Amp
    • 12V 1.5 Ah Lithium Ion Drill Battery
    • Quam 4" Speaker

    Build Thread:

    Demo Video:













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      Certain that genius only may create such a thing. Wonderful art work and harmony of build material. Technical system of 150 I.Q. person.

      Perhaps too heavy or hot for some. This I do not know as fact but curious.

      Much fun to be had with item of true unique status. Not a twin on this planet. To be passed through generations of family.


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