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  1. Gordonov

    April 2021

    Fact first - this guitar is excellent work planned and complete. Superior in all way but one only to any of which I build opinion next - believe more winding and careful string anchor at machine head should assist to maintain correct pitch when guitar have not locking nut. Strong victory unit.
  2. Job well accomplished. Practice of industry good use for build of guitar. Body mount of magnetic sensor more of complex rather of face plate mount.
  3. Would have prefer StewartMacDonald Company retain name. Stewmac much like a food dish. Not cute. Not professional.
  4. I employ a central ground busbar not individual solder to potentiometer case. Busbar (copper slug) grounded in two places for redundant. All grounded component connected to it. Use of drill and tap, not solder. Mechanical fasteners. Component easy to remove replace repair no wire cuts. No poison gas from solder. I work for high voltage industry for decades apply methods to low voltage also. Potentiometer case weak and contain of delicate instrument not good for heat ground or common purpose!
  5. I wish for you satisfaction and pleasure. I begin to consider self a lazy person with view of your work.
  6. I should use imagine power of brain wonderful vision of possible work. Computer OK but not good like human head.
  7. My good friend teacher wishes for PRS to place clear signature on products. Does not approve poor hand-writing.
  8. Excellent advice sir. Sale of labor more suitable. Please suggest electriker school lessons. Converse with players and elder repair persons.
  9. I become belligerent and unreasonable when 8 / 40 . Attention span of two hours for all things. Work or pleasure. Job description this thread sander at PRS I fail every specification except education degree. Would not like job. Hate fumes and particles. Unable to stand 8 hours, Unable to see or focus well long. All fail. They must continue without myself.
  10. Experience my examples prove pleasant activity not so very pleasant to become business activity. Person of great creation ability to be rare as person of business. Thing of enjoy transformation to bloody pain with accounts due, government tax burden office works, products dead time line, special equipment. Much more. No time do what you are good for and love best. I believe two best separate.
  11. Photograph show thing in much details. I fear the devil who live in details. ?See you things from photograph not to see with normal eye.
  12. Tool of type like this cause speculate how much money need to create complete factory for one man to build guitar. Pretend he start with lump of wood. My thought is he would spend much.
  13. Location of company Germany.
  14. ?Foolish inquiry cases are filled by guitar. ?Case does not damage other case by metal bottom. Is good saves much space of floor. Many variety of case pleasant to look.
  15. My pleasure would be production for strange wonderful shapes. I will be happy by .060 transparent which is formed as replacing of old Sears Roebuck and Company Silvertone guitar. The one I own is fracture.
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