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    I am into guitars and music, specifically metal, however i listen to anything with decent guitaring in it.<br /><br />my other hobbies are DT and engineering style things, like Building and Racing Radio controlled cars.<br /><br />i havnt done much work on guitars yet, however i figured im getting an A* in DT its about time i tore apart and "improve" some guitars.<br /><br />at the moment i am working on an LTD m-100 which i am stripping down ready to paint. im thinking of doing it black and pink with a swirl in the middle however i understand this is going to be extreamly complex :p<br /><br />i am also scalloping the fretboard up to the 11th fret because i will mainly be playing solos in E.<br /><br />the current guitars i own are an Ibanez RGT 6 EX, japanise import, with EMGs 81/85 set, and through neck. and its a limeted model only 47 of them made :D and my old LTD M-100 which is currently in peices being customised.<br /><br /><br />im saving up for an ibanez Xiphos and im going to get it professionally painted as i do not trust myself with stripping and re painting a through neck guitar

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  1. well for the moment at least im going to be leaving this guitar in 1 peice if im gonna be modding guitars itll be really cheap secondhanders that noone wants anymore but yer iv decided on the les paul studeo carved top, but im stuck on colours now:p cherry red with gold hardwear (like the pic in here) black with silver hardwear or black with gold hardwear
  2. ha i didnt just go for the ibanez for the look, i have played ibanez and i love their necks and everything really. apart from the trem not always staying 100% in tune my ibanez RGT 6 EX is just about the most perfect guitar i could ever have for playing metal. but i want some radically different guitars to the normal superstrats i end up buying. and i would want to repaint it because i HATE that colour i love everything else about the guitar...but the colour is just awful. and anyway iv pretty much decided to go for a les paul i found a les paul studio carved top, in black with gold hardwear for about £800, or with silver hardwear for £700 so im pretty sure im gonna go with one of them.
  3. oh i would never sell on guitars now. i sold on my first one at a charity auction and now i realise iv lost a perfectly good "tester" guitar body. hmm a real les paul would be uber sweet. but it could be at least twice the price :/ ha when i didnt play guitar i thought they looked really really good, now when i see someone playing them they look so stupid.
  4. you screw in the metal ring, it has a large self tap screw on the outside, so it screws into the wood, and on the inside it has a ready tapped thread, made for metal screw, and it saves wearing wood where screws are taken in and out alot.
  5. because i want a "classic rock guitar" and i love the eclypse but im trying to vary the type of guitars im getting, because i keep going on about how good ibanez and ESP are and iv never really tryed anything else ever. and i love the gold hardwear
  6. yup thats why i hate V guitars, their bridges are sooo far up compared to the bodys on most guitars
  7. THIS: Epiphone Les Paul Custom: but in black Good points: amazing tone amazing sustain brillient harmonics cool look £600 great classic rock guitar which i dont have atm no trem(have 2 floyd guitars and need one without a trem) Bad points: upper fret acsess SUCKS neck is ****ing wide very very heavy hate the inlays OR THIS: Ibanez XPT700Ibanez XPT700 buut i would have to get it professionally repainted which could be up to about £460 Good points: AMAZING metal guitar great pickups (but would be replace with EMGs and the old pickups would go in my LTD) awsome looks Through neck (great upper fret acsess) edge pro ii trem Bad points: never played it could be awkward already have 2 metal guitars only £300-400 BUT would DEFO need repainting dont like the inlays but better than the LPs edge pro iii trem
  8. ha i was just talking to someone online who was complaining that their locking trem kept going out of tune.... evveeentully after an hour of talking i found out she didnt lock the nut because she kept breaking strings.......
  9. i can see how it looks more interesting. to some people...but just for me the headstock is an integral part of a design... you cant have a guitar without one....maby a bass...but not a guitar.
  10. i hate the look of guitars with them... the ones without a headstock are just boring and the ones with a headstock with no strings just look plain weird.
  11. probably, but that doesnt nessisarrily mean bad qualtiy..its probably CNC produced so as long as they are using decent metal i dont see why the qualtiy would be much worse than one made in america/uk...
  12. its not just that they have ball bearings instead of knife edges, they also have a lil gizmo at the back that levels the trem to the centerpoint if a string breaks orone string goes out of tune.
  13. i liked the lower horn but the upper one is a bit ...O.O
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