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  1. I opened up my driver again, and I found a couple of things that made the driver not work propperly. First of all, the magnet is 7mm wide, wich I think is a little to much. I'll be splitting it into two 3.5mm for my next try. Second, the wire of the coil was not wound tight enought, and there was lots of air in there. Guess I have to tighten things up on my next build. Third, the woodglue used for potting had not dried, but it had shrunk. I therefore wander if you guys can recomend me something for the potting-part. Would epoxy be good? Should the potting dry up completly? Anyway,
  2. Well, I'm back again with a new driver, and this time it works. I just made a driver from two stacked magnets fro one of those magnetical knife-holders, and it does sustain. The magnet is about 5mm wide and 5 mm high, made out of some kind of soft material, and I'm using 30awg wire. However I get a lot of feedback and squeeling when I move it to close to the neck pu. I also get a weird ticking sound, and I can actualy feel the driver vibrate when the ticking arrives. The driver also gets burning hot. I suspect a lot of this problems are due to me hooking the driver to the speaker ou
  3. I'we been following this post for as long as I remember, and decided yeasterday was the time to start building a sustainer. I constructed the driver like this: The bobins are cut out of black plastick. I taped six neodym magnets with a diameter of 1 cm each to the bobbin with double-sided tape. All magnets have the polarity on the same side. I the n taped the top-bobbin to the top of the magnets with the same type of tape. I then winded the coil with 150 rounds of 30 AWG wire, resulting in a resistance of 6.4 OHM. The whole thing is potted with wood-glue. Ended up with a tiny driver,
  4. Oh yeah, pictures rock!!! Thanks so much for those pics. They were realy helpfull. Now i got to find a place where they sell electret capsules and ship to norway.
  5. This is great news!!! You have been so helpfull, and I thank God you finaly found this tread. When you tried mounting the piezo on the glass and got amazing sound, what element did you use? As english is not my main language, I have some slight problems with understanding how you hooked things up. I would have loved it if you could draw up a quick scetch of how you hooked things up. I'm planning to buy 20 piezo-buffers, so that I have some spare ones for my guitar. I'm also going to buy som e spare parts when I order the parts for the preamp, so that I have enough to a couple of preamp
  6. Wow! Congrats on the graduation!! It would be great if you could tell me how you experimentations turns out. I've thought of tuning the glasses with wine myself, but I've figgured it wont stay tuned for long if I do. I belive the wine will just dissapear in some strange way.... On the other hand, it would be great to have a drinkable instrument!! As for the sharp notes, I'm not quite shure what I want. I'm gonna use this in a progband, playing music like the early king crimson. Our sound is realy mellow, so I kind of hope I kan have a clear, mellow sound, if you know what I mean.
  7. gripper: You have actuly tried it, and got it to work? Is the pintec pickup a piezo-style pickup? Man, this got me exited, and I can't wait to try this out! Thanx for great input. Biz: I have also thought about using just one pickup under all the glasses, but I belive the vibrations in the glasses are to small for this to have any effect. That is why I have decided to use one pickup for each glass. I belive this will make it easyier to get a good sound from the glasses. I also belive it will look much better on stage, with all the knobs and stuff, wich is partly why I'm making this thing.
  8. Hi again. I was wondering if it is possible to change the 2N3819 Junction FET transistor with a j201 in this little mixer.
  9. No reason why it shouldn't pick up the sound - they can reproduce frequencies from near DC to 100kHz. The real problem may lie in being able to attach the piezo element efficiently enough to the glass to get any good sound/sound levels out of it. Maybe a better place for a piezo element might be right where the stem meets the bell. That shouldn't affect the sound of the glass too much, I think. I'm not sure if the piezo would work on the bottom or not as it may not get enough vibrations transferred down there. I think it should work, though - but I won't bet the farm on that... ← As s
  10. Hi, I'm realy thankfull for all the help this far. Just a fast update: I have decided to buy theese galasses. I allready have a couple of them, and they sing wonderfully Glasses They are also tuneable to an octave. I have also decided to change the preamp to the Fetzer valve from runoffgroove, with a master volume ant tone-controll. Have anyone tried this with piezo pickups? Are there any preamps that are better for this purpose? Here is a quick drawing of what the instrument should look like. Any ideas are verry velcome.
  11. Yeah, I guess I just have to try out different places to put the pickups, and hope I end up with something useable... As for the mixer, What a great idea!! Thanx a lot for the link. So, this is what I have decided on: 12 glasses from ikea, witch will be tuned in c major 12 piezo buzzers, cut them open and use them as transducers 12 channel mixer with 12 potts controlling volume. Also thinking of adding tone pots. Internal preamp (http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=21091) Jack out Anyway, I still have some questions. What will be the best way to mount the glasses
  12. Ohhh.... I haven't thought of that. Any good ideas for how this could be taken care of? Thanx for the input.
  13. I know this is the wrong forum, but I thought you might could help... I'm planing on building a glass harmonica, with twelwe wine glasses tuned to pitch with water. Would it be possible to use piezo-pickups under each glass and make it electrical`?
  14. I love my danelectros, as you probably can see from the pics. I first bought the fab OD, and it quickly replaced my modded TS9. I guess it all depends on what sound you want, but I love these things. For 15$ they are well worth trying. They deffinitively helped me in my search for the perfect tone.
  15. I sprayed all finnishes with aerosol paint, and cleared it with several layers. I then polished with polish from the same manufacturer as the clear.
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