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  1. Thanks guys! I'm a take it in to find replacements
  2. Hey guys, I've got an Ibanez JTK2 with two hums, and each one has a coil tap swich (like those horizontal buttons that has one side up and the other down...so they're not actually built right in to the knobs, and they don't slide like the ones on the fender jag's or jagstangs). I was wondering how easy it is to change pickups in a guitar and keep the coil tap feature? Is this something that can be applied to any set of humbuckers, or is there a chance that my hums were specially made to be able to be tapped?
  3. Well, I had already packed my bags to look for the Holy Grail...I thought it'd make a nice pick holder. But I suppose that the himeleya's would work. Thanks, guys. My girlfriend paid for half the guitar, so for sentimental reasons, I didn't wanna wreck the fretboard any more than I figured I would have to. Another question, though...what does everybody think of string/fretboard lube? Yay? Nay?
  4. Hey all, Well, my cat had a mating call with my gig bag and I had to run it through the wash like, four times. And I forgot that it was still damp when I put my guitar in it one day...four days later I pulled out my guitar and my frets (which were all nice and shiny...probably Nickel made) are now all yellow and my fret board is kinda rough. What is the safest way to bring 'em back to their original color? Do I necessarily have to get 'em redressed or could I use something from home or the local shop? Chris
  5. Hey, guys... I've got an Ibanez JTK 2 with coil taps on my humbuckers...I was wondering if all pickups are "ready" to be coil tapped or if only certain hums are able to do the job. I'm also looking for advice on a set of pickups that would give me a good metal crunch tone, but then if I clean it up, would have some good, but not too powerful lows, and some great, but not too painful highs. Chris
  6. Well, now it's... Ibanez JTK2 Takamine G330 Boss BF2 Boss DS1 EH Big Muff Pi (russian version) Crate GT 212 three channel amp And I really want... Ibanez Joe Satriani model (Paf joe's and locking nut/trem bar) Noise gate Hummingbird Acoustic Boss Trem Boss MT2 Boss CE5 DOD stereo Phaser Dunlop original crybaby EH Holy Grail reverb Mackie 24 channel mixer Shure mic.
  7. What programs do you guys use to design your guitars? I notice that most of them seem to be drawn on the computer...
  8. I thought that the only way a company could nail you for copyright infringement was if you had everything down to spec about a particular part that they patented...like, right down to the inch of body thickness...the angle of a horn...etc, etc. that may have been discussed already, but I likely missed it.
  9. Hey, all. I know this is more of an amp-related question, but here goes. I have a 130 watt mono- Samick bass amp that I play my guitar through 'cause I love the fat sound I get. Anyways, the thing is at least twenty five years old and the knobs crackle, pop, or squeal when I come within three inches of anything on that thing. I'm wondering this: In order to keep it, should I simply get the knobs and stuff cleaned and repaired, or could I replace the preamp for a guitar preamp...I'm just curious if that's possible. And if yes, what info would I need to gather to get the shop-keep to find
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