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  1. I left out some info that he gave me. He coats one side at a time and does not hang the guitar. He leaves the guitar horizontal and level. I used a piece of wood that I screwed into the neck pocket using the four holes in the neck cavity. I clamped this handle into a vice to hold the guitar level. Make sure the minwax spray is warm not cold or hot and don't rush between coats. Tony... thanks tony, i appreciate your advice. Does anybody know if water based analine dyes will be ok with Minwax? or whether or not i should fill the mahogany?
  2. Hello, I am about to apply a finish on my guitar, hopefully this upcoming weekend. However, I am not entirely sure hot to go about it. Its a les paul style guitar, and I would like to do a burst finish. On the back and neck I am planning on sanding to 400 grit, then staining twice with Minwax red mahogany stain. I believe it is oil based, but i dont know. http://www.epaintstore.com/xcart4/product....at=0&page=5 On the front I am going to sand to 400, then stain using water based analine dies. First, I will stain the guitar black, let it dry and sand it off to try and bring out more flame. Then I will dye it with amber, then red and black towards the edges. http://www.lmii.com/CartTwo/thirdproducts....s+Water+Soluble After that I am going to use Minwax spray on Plyurethane. Again I believe its oil-based, but i dont know for sure. Anybody have experience with this stuff? http://www.acehardwaresuperstore.com/minwa...388.html?ref=42 My question ultimately is should i use a wood filler for the mahogany back insteadof stain? If so, what type, and where can I get it? Any opinions or advice would be most welcome
  3. Hello, I will be finishing my guitar up soon, and have a general idea of how I'm going to finish it: 1. Sand down to 400-grit 2. Wet the guitar against the grain with an old clean cotton t-shirt and let it dry 3. Sand carefully with 400 grit sandpaper 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 twice more 5. Cover the binding, fretboard, and cavities with masking tape 6. Apply pore filler to the mahogany neck and body back and sides, let dry 7. Wet the maple with a damp cloth 8. Apply amber dye 9. Apply black dye 10. Let dry, then sand down so that only the flame remains 11. Apply amber dye over maple 12. Apply red from outside towards center 13. Apply black in a similar fashion 14. Make sure that they transition into each other 15. Allow to dry 16. Apply amber and brown dyes to the mahogany back and sides 17. Allow to dry 18. Apply 10 coats of Minwax® Clear Brushing Lacquer to entire guitar, allowing to dry in between coats I'm not entirely sure If this is the "right way" to finish a guitar. If anyone could please tell me if this would work or not, or if there's an easier or cheaper way that would be awesome. Also, I have an unfinished neck. Do I need to finish the fretboard??
  4. Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a les paul style guitar with a bolt on neck that I bought from guitarpartsusa. http://www.guitarpartsusa.com/ccp51/media/...ail/nklp200.jpg I've never actually bolted on a neck before, but I've snooped around and I know that I should use ferrules and countersink the screws for the best resonance and stability. But how many screws would be proper? I guess I'm asking for any type of suggestions. Pictures will be up soon!
  5. The "CKO" neck comes from guitarpartsusa. at least, cko uses the same description as them. The only difference that I can see is that the headstock has been carved already. http://www.guitarpartsusa.com/item--Les-Pa...r-Neck--PROD472 Its an import neck that CKO sells on ebay. I quit bidding once the price went past 80, beacseshipping from guitarparts is only $6 We may have been bidding on the same neck!!
  6. here's a shot of my bookmatched maple. I got it from ebay for about $15 So I cut out the general body shape on the mahogany and maple with a jigsaw... and lots and lots of sanding Of course I routed the wire channel and back cavities first Next I routed the pickup cavities and a few concentric les paul shapes to help carve the top. Then I chiseled away at the corners to make it a little smoother. some sanding... more sanding... and more sanding... ...and here i am! not quite done yet, but making progress. I tried making a neck but it didn't work, i can uploud pictures if you all want to see. As of now I plan on using a bolt-on neck from guitar parts usa. I dont really know exactly how I'm going to do this.. I read something about countersunk ferrules and screws? I dont know though. I'm loading it up with two Alnico II Pro's, with Jimmy Page's single coil tap on the neck pickup with CTS 50k+ pots. Anyway, I'm thinking gold hardware, with black plastics with a burst finish. I would like to make it look something like this (but with only 2 pickups): If anyone could give me some hints about binding, finishing and neck work that would be awesome. Also is there a definitive guide on how to burst somewhere? Thanks guys.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new to project guitar forums, but I've been reading the forum for quite a while. I started to build a les paul a few months ago, and I thought I would show you all what Ive done, and see what you think so far. I've never built a guitar before, and have limited wood working experience, so here goes nothing... this is the mahogany for the base
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