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  1. Also, I bought one of these. It should be here in a few weeks. I haven't even started planning what body shape to go for. I have a set of Hamer HBs and a Fender Strat set waiting for somewhere to go. I also have lots of veneer and a few thin tops waiting to fancy up a plain body. I'm kinda feeling some wood porn, but it's way too early to say.
  2. In the last 7 years - divorce, moved, vehicular homicide (ran over a guy), job loss - 2 years unemployed, bankruptcy, career change, lost my house, moved, remarried, I'm really ready for a break.
  3. I also went another direction. I've been itchy lately. Maybe the guitar bug bit me again. So whenever I build a neck, I have the same problem almost every time: it frets out around the 9th-13th fret. IDK what I'm doing wrong, but I have some suspicions. I bought a 12" radius router bit, but I haven't set up a jig to screw around with it yet. In the meantime, I bought a $40 Chinese neck. I knew what I was getting going into it, so I have -zero- illusions about craftsmanship. The cheap Chinese pedals actually sound amazing, and I have some pups that were great, so what the hell. Going the cheap route, I used whatever I have on hand for the most part. I had to buy a Wilkinson bridge, some pots, and some knobs, but that was it. Maybe $30 total, plus the neck. I had most of a mahogany body blank sitting around, so it became the "peanut" shape I've done before. A gigantic pickguard, chicken head knob, and goofy looking pickups will keep the cobbled-together, home-made theme. But the pups only LOOK goofy. They're real Bill Lawrence pickups from a Gibson Marauder. (Yes, Muzz, you may be jealous. No, you cannot have them ) The neck pup is brand new - still has the plastic film. Overall, it OUGHT to sound OK. I mean, mahogany/maple is a proven formula. The Marauder pups are low powered, like in the 2.5K range, but because they're Bill Lawence, I'm positive they'll be good. The p/g isn't quite finished yet. I'm debating on a belly cut and forearm bevel. The body is just getting a good oiling and that's it.
  4. Well, actually a couple of itches. We'll see how this goes. Anyone remember this? It's my very first build. And some canned vegetables, headphones, cheese danish, and other background crap. The thing sounds & plays amazing. It ought to! Mahogany & maple body with paduk stringers, spalted maple wing caps, maple neck with paduk fretboard, and Bill Lawrence pickups. The ONLY problem with it is that the damn thing weighs more than a Les Paul! I just HATE playing it cuz it weighs so much. Fortunately, I know how to build guitars, so I'm finally taking care of it. Last Summer, I decided to make a new body for it. Chambered paduk with bookmatched spalted maple. Overall, it's pretty unassuming. Everything screwed to the original body will transfer directly. There's still a little fine-tuning needed before I can start putting a finish on it.
  5. Nobody has touched on this yet.... Cocobolo is beautiful, but is a COMPLETE PAIN IN THE ASS TO FINISH. The wood is incredibly oily, even for rosewoods. You alsoLUTEly HAVE to seal in the oils before any finishing. If you don't the natural oils WILL rise to the surface, blacken, and prevent the finish from curing, turning the surface into mud. The only cure for this I've come across is shellac. Prep the wood, then put a coat of shellac on it ASAP. Maybe two coats. IDK why it works - I just don't remember anymore - but it does. Also, any given finish (except oil) can go over shellac just fine. It's basically the only finish that will stick to another well. You just have to make sure the give it plenty of time to cure before putting anything else on top. Alternatively, you can buff it out with steel wool for a great matte sheen.
  6. Interesting timing that you're making a new neck for a simulated Marauder. One of the things I've been tinkering with involves genuine Marauder pickups.
  7. Losing interest in the project. The divorce and move put a LOT of things on hold. By the time I got the wood shop re-established in the garage, I had lost interest. Honestly, most of it was that it's a re-finishing job, and I hate/suck at finishing. The divorce/move was 6 years ago. I only had the building bug for about 6 months since then. I've moved again, which stalls everything. BUT...... the bug is starting to bite me again. I've been tinkering around with a couple of things and looking into a couple more.
  8. Nope. In the 8 years since I've touched it, I've been divorced, moved, lost my job, lost my house, moved again, remarried, and had a significant career shift. Also, I completely lost interest in the project.
  9. Hi did you finish the Westone Dynasty?

  10. For maybe the first time in my history, the wiring had -zero- issues. I NEVER get it right the first time. But to balance that out, the action is ridiculously high. Good thing I'm not gonna gig with it.
  11. Little by little..... And I'm now out of shielding tape. It turns out that I don't have the proper screws to mount the pickups. Alternatively, the route is pretty tight in the corners. So tight that I really don't think the pups are gonna move willingly. In other news, I don't think my 1/2" brad point bit can get any more dull.
  12. Good gawd... I forgot how long it takes to properly lay out the peghead.
  13. Before I polish the finish, I'll be leveling and polishing the frets.
  14. I finally had time to buff up the finish. I'm out of Maguiar's, but it's just as well since I haven't oiled the back yet. Almost there...
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