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  1. I'm one to use somewhat non-traditional wood combinations. I have made necks from Peruvian Walnut, Koa, various Rosewoods, Black Walnut, etc. Some of my best necks have been Peruvian Walnut which has a very straight grain when compared to Black Walnut etc. Koa is by far my favorite. I wish I would have purchased a lot of it before the prices skyrocketed. Granted Koa is in the mahogany vein but it has some qualities that I haven't found in other close relatives. Even when it comes to bodies I use a variety of woods that aren't in the tradition of guitar building. Different is good!
  2. I've not heard of any real success stories with people finishing with Polycrylic. I have heard of lots of guys using it as a grain filler. YMMV
  3. I can slot 24.625", 24.75", 25", or 25.5" scale lengths. $25 shipped CONUS. I can slot your board for $8 plus actual shipping. PM me with any questions Micter
  4. Thanks, I've priced it to sell.
  5. American made Fender body/hardware with Warmoth neck. It's pretty clean with some buckle rash, and plays very well. Asking $400 plus actual shipping. I am also considering parting it out.
  6. I haven't posted much here but thought some of you might enjoy this scratch build. It's been a long time sitting in my shop. I originally was making this one for myself. A friend of mine has been asking me for it and I caved. Hey, money talks. Anyway, it's mahogany body, with flamed maple and flamed walnut front and back, 1/8" ABS plastic binding (don't try it. It's very difficult to work with) mahogany neck from the same piece as the body. Rosewood fretboard and side dots are alternating black and white. Finished with Spray Max K2 and tru oil on the neck. It plays and
  7. I'm not much for traditional guitars at all. I kind of like doing different configurations, colors, etc.
  8. I used timbermate dark walnut grain filler, transtint red in lacquer thinner straight to the wood.,Deft S&S, and Deft brushing lacquer sprayed through a preval.
  9. Scratch built body obviously African Mahogany. Grain filled with dark walnut Timbermate, dyed with Transtint Red, Deft S&S, Deft brushing lacquer sprayed through a Preval. The neck isn't my creation. It's a Warmoth neck that I have had for about a year and a half. I needed to do something with it. The Trem is a Gotoh Floyd Rose. The pups are a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the bridge with a coil tap on the push pull volume. The neck is something I have had in my parts bin for years. I don't remember what it is but it sounds OK. Not a lot of output but very tone-full. This guitar looks 100% better in
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