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  1. Not as easy as you think. trust me. In order to do the radius you must first understand the YZ or XZ plane in relation to the XY plane using either a G18 or G19 vs a G17, as well as G90 absolute and G91 incremental for arcs. Then you must understand that from G17 to either G18 or G19 that the IJK changes as well. Then add subroutines to this. That's just to do the radius. This does include cutout of the fretboard at the correct taper, in a given length, as well as using a 0.025 end mill to make the fret slots. Now when you get there you should have some fair amount of knowledge at that point and still be learning. Mike Or you could just use a CAM program like everyone else. Yes and then you cannot troubleshoot the 40000+ lines of code when it screws up, whereas learning and using it as pure Gcode will only use maybe 100 lines of code vs a Cam Modeling software. I use Cam as well but I will say if you take the time to learn Gcode when all hell breaks loose you will be able to find it and correct it. Just my observation so far, I have used Cut2D, Cut3d, VCarve Pro, ArtCam Pro, RhinoCad/Cam, BobCad/Cam, just to name a few, which I either own or have at my disposal through my machinists friends as well and I will say they don't work flawlessly. MK I agree completely Mike. I was just being a wiseass. I program and operate a 5'x12' Onsure router and have been using MasterCam for almost 5 years now. I couldn't count the number of times I've been able to quickly track down a program issue by being able to scan through the Gcode and find the problem. It's generaly much faster then going back to the CAM program and tring to find the one little box you forgot to check off or that funky number you put in by acident.
  2. A fixed base will be fine. Especially if you're removing most of the material ahead of time.
  3. You're not going to find any CNC files that will work on your machine. What you need to do is take a CAD drawing to whom ever is programming your CNC and ask them to toolpath that drawing.
  4. Here is a link to a very nice tele drawing done by member of the TDPRI. Tele DWG Tele PDF
  5. Just make sure you've got the height you need from the table saw blade to cut your neck blank in one pass.
  6. Cool, that link had the other jig I was looking for.
  7. You can use a tapering jig on the table saw. These are cheap and you can find them at any woodworking store.
  8. Thanks! The pickguard is just a straight up Jr guard that I added the tele parts to. I can't remember the name of the site right now but one of the pickguard makers have PDF templates of all their guards. So I just printed up the Jr guard and added the neck pup and control plate cut. One thing I've noticed is that the headstock seems to tie into the guard. They both have very similar curves and work well together.
  9. Or maybe the Tele Jr? Even with that flashy gold top, mahogany body and sexy profile it still strikes me more as a tele then a paul.
  10. Hey Guys and Gals, Just wanted to know if anyone has come across a set of drawings, while surfing the net, for the duo sonic. For sale/free what ever. There seems to be a lack of interest and information on these cool little guitars. A set of templates made off an original would be cool too if anyone has done a project like this before. p.s. I also have a whole bunch of technical drawings that I would be happy to trade if anyone has any duo sonic drawings.
  11. Thanks for the kind works. This one came out very well. The gold on the headstock really helped to tie the neck in with the gibson look. I also stained the back of the neck to better match the mahogany of the body. The revers control plate helped to neutralize a bit of the tele look making the whole thing work a little better. And as far as the sound, its killer. All the twang and spank that comes with good single coils as well as the full bodied tone and sustain of the mahogany body. A great rock guitar! If you haven't tried any of Don Mares pup you should. Some of the best single coils being wound today.
  12. Sure, at the price I would he happy to check one out. I just spent yesterday putting the radius some boards. Man, would love to find a better way.
  13. Hey Guys, just wanted to say hi. This is my first post so I figured I would show some pics of my latest build. Quarter sawn mahogany body with an allparts neck and Don Mare pups.
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