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  1. I really like that heel transition, very cool.
  2. I just had to log in to say this came out gorgeous! Awesome work!
  3. I sand in 3 thousandths fall off on the last 5 frets when I level the frets.
  4. Since I've owned my own business before and built them from the ground up, I feel comfortable with this side of the business.
  5. You can get a good used PRS for the same price. They look no better than the SE's. And I own the first SE ever made so I am not knocking the SE's, but for $1400 you can buy a lot better looking guitar than those, I think they will be a huge flop
  6. Yes, it is true craftsmanship. Take the time to learn a CNC program, get everything spec'd out right, and get all your tooling setup, and you will see how much time goes into learning it. Just dont buy a used CNC!
  7. Just exactly that, a different voicing. That is why there is so much going on around the bridge.
  8. Usually electric builders when building a semihollow guitar will route out a huge chunk of the wood to accomplish the acoustic sound. This takes away from the tone of the guitar and does not allow the wood to ring out. Acoustic makes will brace the guitar in certain areas to produce certain sounds. I have integrated the best of both worlds, where I allow the guitar to have it's tone accentuated through veins I will be routing out in the guitar. I believe this will produce a nice full sound, lighter guitar, and the ability to ring out throughout the guitar. I have originated this idea and am
  9. The man prefers it for all of his own individual guitars, that or a solid brazilian rosewood neck.
  10. It's what they make violin bows out of. Paul Reed Smith swears it's one of the best tonewoods in existance. The pernambuco neck PRS's go for big money.
  11. Very close. Flame Maple top, Curly Black Limba back, Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard, Pernambuco neck
  12. I like Huf, he's always been cool to me, and he's a successful guitar builder who is always willing to share knowledge.
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