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  1. WOOD FOR SALE! Going to Vegas, want to have some extra spending money. Selling some NICE stuff! First one is a 5A Flame Maple ONE PIECE TOP! Better than PRS PRIVATE STOCK! This is a HUGE piece too! Dimensions are: 1" Thick x 26" Long x 15" Wide. $325 SHIPPED! That is WAY better than ANYWHERE ELSE! http://imgur.com/Hn0qUB1 Second is a HALF QUILT HALF FLAME ONE PIECE TOP! You'll NEVER see this again! GREAT figure too! Dimensions are 5/8" Thick x 24" Long x 14" Wide Only $175 SHIPPED! GREAT DEAL! Won't find ANYTHING like this for NEAR this price! http://imgur.com/dhwe63n Third is a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD NECK BLANK! This will require a scarf joint and you'll have to put a heel block on it if you so desire, BUT there is definitely enough to do this! Dimensions are 15/16" Thick x 4 1/4" Wide x 44" Long! I've made a neck out of the same board I got this from. Has some NICE sapwood and grain patterns! ONLY $150 Shipped! Try and beat that! http://imgur.com/P8MfnW1 Finally I have a ONE PIECE FLAME ANIGRE BODY! SUPER HARD TO FIND IN THESE DIMENSIONS! GREAT figure! Dimensions are 1 7/16" Thick x 23 7/8" Long x 13 1/2" Wide! Only $150 Shipped! You can't even get near this thickness, width, or figuring for anything even close to that. http://imgur.com/BE71Vwl Message me on here or email me at jeguitars@hotmail.com
  2. Looks kinda like they routed for a tele bridge pickup just......not well. Looks like a chinese made thing. Kinda like a Kahler mount but missing the front tab route.
  3. Forgive the color on the bodies, I am just bullshitting around seeing if I want to stain then, but I think I will just leave them natural. So, I have decided on using a natural body, spalted fretboard, and a katalox neck. The board I had of katalox has some nice ribbon to it and some flame, but man was it heavy.
  4. You have any braz that is at least 1" thick x 2 1/2" wide by 30" long?
  5. Well I was cutting the spalted board down and processed it into 2 neck blanks and 4 fretboard blanks. Fretboards seem like no problem. Just soak them in CA (Avoid the fumes) and should be good to go. This is where it gets to the point. The 2 neck blanks, they just didnt FEEL tough enough to me. So I got one and did my stand test on it, Which is what I do with ALL my neck blanks, stand on them and if they survive my weight they pass. Never had a single board break. Until today. So now I have 10 fretboard blanks and some cavity covers and headplates lol. I have some nice curly katalox I will be using for the necks, this spalt is NOT going to work. I was having hopes and dreams I got a good enough piece, but no, just no.
  6. My plan......granted this is my plan. Is to put carbon rods to reinforce, as well as soak the neck in CA glue or an epoxy. Spalted maple is use for tops and those have string pressure pulling on them too. So, yeah it might be a massive failure, but it might be a massive success too. I mean look at spalted top acoustics, they have string pressure in the bridge area with just a bookmatched piece of thin spalt for the top. So I can't see it being THAT structurally unsound. I thought spalted meant it had a fungal infection and was rotting, but you eliminate the fungii and it should cease that. correct? Maybe explore that avenue.
  7. Another couple of new builds coming up. BOTH are made of a SOLID PIECE of figured maple, no tops, no backing woods, nothing. One will be multiscale according to my custom scale length, the other will be regular scale of my design. Necks and fretboards will be made from this SWEET piece of Spalted maple. Both will be carved tops as well. Way cool I think!What are your thoughts?
  8. Just curious for those of you who have built a fretless before, what neck angle did you use? I use a hipshot .125 floor bridge on all my guitars and typically have a 0 - 0.5 degree neck angle. Actually the way I do it really is I route the neck pocket out until it is flush with the fingerboard. Just curious on a fretless (Which I am planning on using luminlay in the fret slots) if I would need to raise the fretboard from the neck pocket say 1/8" to compensate for the frets? Anyone with any experience please, I would love to hear your advice or thoughts.
  9. This has been sold, long time ago, shoulda updated, sorry.
  10. I need to know what kind of backing wood to put with this awesome piece of half flame half quilt maple. It's about 5/8" thick. Going to do a carve top on it. http://i.imgur.com/q1fkkvi.jpgJust wondering what I should put on the back of it. I have some really nice Curly Black Limba, 5A quality I would say, (Something like this)dut don't feel it would go well together. I also have some ribbon sapele, but not sure I wanna do this either.Any ideas?
  11. I need to know what kind of backing wood to put with this awesome piece of half flame half quilt maple. It's about 5/8" thick. Going to do a carve top on it. http://i.imgur.com/q1fkkvi.jpg Just wondering what I should put on the back of it. I have some really nice Curly Black Limba, 5A quality I would say, (Something like this) dut don't feel it would go well together. I also have some ribbon sapele, but not sure I wanna do this either. Any ideas?
  12. Measured, cut, glued No, I mean I did to all that, but I am going to route out the upper part of the headstock flush to where that will go to also use it as a faceplate.
  13. Yeah its quartersawn. Should be plenty strong for the neck.
  14. Coming along nicely if I say so myself. Never heard of flame polished smoked acrylic. I will have to check into that.
  15. Thanks so much! I appreciate the notice! Should I do a traditional pickguard and one pickup or dual humbuckers?
  16. It's not spalted, it's brazilian rosewood with a sapwood edge.
  17. Specs on this one: Curly Redwood Top Monkey Pod Body (Will have Neg-x Chambering) Brazilian Rosewood Neck (Not sure on fretboard yet, ebony, black and white ebony, brazilian rosewood, ziricote) Will also have Shadow NanoMag Piezo Pickup Will have handwound humbucker that is going to be splittable, I will be winding one coil 10% more to help prevent volume loss Natural Finish
  18. Curious, need some advice. If I were to make this a fretless guitar with the standard hipshot bridge with a ".125 floor, would I require any neck angle? Currently on my guitars I put usually 0 - 0.5 degree neck angle on them with the Hipshot ".125 floor hardtail bridge. I just route the neck pocket deep enough so that the fretboard is flush with the top of the body. Would I need to go any deeper or shallow to make the fretless action good?
  19. Specs: Quilt Maple Top Black Limba Body with Neg-X Chambering Figured Movingui Neck Quilt Maple Fretboard Black Limba Pickguard Going to put a Shadow Nanomag Piezo Pickup under the pickguard just after the last fret and going to wind my own humbucker and make it splittable in the bridge. Going for a myriad of sounds. One volume, one tone, two input jacks (one for piezo, one for humbucker).
  20. Wanted, acoustic side bender and molds if you have them. Wanting to build an acoustic.
  21. I really want to focus on my guitars this year and make something of this. If I could get it to where I build and sell around 3-5 guitars a month I would be in Heaven. But it's not gonna get there without the work. So time to get off my ass and get to it. Gonna route the seam line out and put some crushed stone or shell in there. Don't want just an abrupt seam.
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