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  1. http://shop.ebay.com/bluetic_35/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  2. Im clearing out some inventory. Ebay auctions - ESP Eclipse, Gibson SG Special Faded EMG pickups and more. http://shop.ebay.com/bluetic_35/m.html?_nk...p;_trksid=p4340
  3. Im clearing out some inventory. Ebay auctions - ESP Ecplipse , Gibson SG Special Faded, EMG 89, EMG HZ's and more. http://shop.ebay.com/bluetic_35/m.html?_nk...p;_trksid=p4340
  4. I just found some good info on these GFS pickups. Its a user review forum on Harmony Central. Just in case anybody else was interested. Mixed reviews on some, mostly good reviews though. http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews...and/GFS+Pickups
  5. Many thanks to all for your feedback. I think I'll give them a shot.
  6. I was recenty on a parts supply website named guitarfetish.com and they sell pickups named GFS. They have a wide varity of pickups really cheap. I was just wondering if anybody on here knows anything about them as far as quality / sound. I may just go ahead and order some to try them out since they are so cheap and the description on the website really builds them up as good pickups. Any feedback would be greatl appreciated. Thanks, Glenn
  7. I have two 1pc African ribbon stripe Mahogany body blanks listed on ebay for anybody interested. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/bluetic_35 Thanks
  8. Check out the new video we uploaded on Youtube. Search for " The River by Mother Piranha ". And dont forget to rate it. Please be totally honest Thanks
  9. I have a Epi Les paul. The bridge pickup just stopped working.. (actually it does have a slight output) I inspecteted all of the solder joints and all look good. Any suggestions as to where to start? Thanks, Bluetic
  10. Does anybody know the specs for the single coil pups that are in the Gibson Melody Maker? I have been looking for an original replacement with no luck. I also can't find the specs to get a comparable replacement. I want to stay as close to original as possible. Thanks, P.S. It's not the P-90 Les Paul model. www.gibson.com/en-us/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitars/Melody%20Maker/Melody%20Maker%20-%20LP/
  11. Did you ever find the Jag-Stang plans?
  12. I recently came across a good deal on a Marshall Valvestate VS102R amp. However , there is a cable that is shorting out on me. It is the cable that connects from the output jack (standard 1/4" jack ) to the main speakers. Does anybody have any idea where I can get an original replacement or equivilant part for this? I have a picture of the back of the amp and cable, but I can't put it on here.
  13. I just want to give you guys a heads up on Choppers music. I ordered some parts from these guys on May 17th. I just got them yesterday 6-5. The parts were great quality, but the shipping took forever. Almost three weeks I think is ridiculous. I know it says on their Ebay store site that shipping takes a while due to circumstances out of their control. However, when I received my package. The date that is on the "Canada post" slip attached to the box was may 31st. That means they waited two weeks before they even shipped my items. I was wondering if they even keep this stuff in stock or if they
  14. Somebody please buy this so my wife will stop being mad at me. I bought it from a local A/V installer at their cost. I just bougt it because it was a good deal. They don't usually sell this stuff outright they make ther money on markups and installs. My wife was immediately angry with me because we already had a good surround sound system. Now I need to get rid of it to appease her. To my understanding The "DiVinci" name is not well known yet. But is becoming well known in the A/V industry as "top quality stuff". The MSRP on this is $2,899.00 http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZbluetic_35QQhtZ
  15. I know they have been on ebay for a while. That's all that I can tell you though. I have never bought anything from them.
  16. Yes, Matttheguy. Sounds like you got the idea. Yes to the spraygun. I wouldnt use any grainfiller either. The rest is trial and error. Your on the right track. :-)
  17. Yeah, I agree with enamel not being a good finish for a guitar. I have a friend doing a refinish and chose acrylic end enamel paints. He asked me to clear coat it for him. I told him of my past nightmares with enamel and told him I would do my best. I did some more reasearch after posting. And discovered that Sherwin Williams makes an Acrylic Lacquer clearcoat for Auto's. I think we will try that. Any comments or feedback there? Thanks again. Bluetic
  18. I personally would use wood Dye. First mix the yellow with a dab (I mean a very little dab) of black. T acheive the Honey color. Using Cheesecloth wipe or rub the Honey color all over the top. Probably two coats. Then I would use red dye and mix it direcly into my clearcoat. and commence to spraying the back sides and edges of the top for the Burst effect. probably also two coats. Then use clear coat with no dye added to finish it out. Just my opinion. Others may disagree.
  19. I have been using this sanding system called "Micro-Mesh". It is unbeleivable. You start out with 1800 grit and work your way up (a 9 step progression) to 12000 grit. You coud stop at like 6000 or 8000 to get the satin finish. I dont have a link to their website but I bought it at Rockler.com for like $18 US. They are two sided pads with sandpaper on both sides and can be used wet or dry. They can be washed with dish soap to unclog. Great product. I promise
  20. Any suggestions for a Non-rattlecan clearcoat over enamel based paint? I have tried Minwax poly before and it eventually peeled off like snake skin. Then I tried Deft Lacquer and it cut into the paint and got the "crackle effect". I'm not sure if the Deft Lacquer is Nitro or not. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  21. Yes,I have the locking nut. It is missing the string retainers though.
  22. Just something I've been hanging on to for a while. I finally decided to part with it. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-1980s-Floyd-Ro...1QQcmdZViewItem LMK if the link doesnt work.
  23. "W" does'nt giva s$%t about popularity polls. He's in his second term! He's all about lining his pockets bro! Just like ALL of the republican party!
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