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  1. Yer, Gotoh 510 series stuff and the wilkinson partnership stuff and nice.
  2. Why not hollow out the spruce and add a nice cap? THen you can hybrid an acoustic sorbera shaped bridge with couple warm wounded pickups
  3. I say go for the exotic woods, buy more wood from durawoods and make a laminates galore guitar like an alembic. And then also make a multi-piece neck with the sorbera's "S" inlayed with abalone in the middle of the neck on the contour side of the neck (not the fretboard)...lol...sweet... Oh did I mention try making this guitar an electric/acoustic just like the Tom Anderson Atom/Crowdster models? That'll be a challenge...
  4. I am yet agin very impressed. The shapes are starting to grow on me and the finish is not far from reaching my "WOW" factor. Chrome covers will destroy everything. Maple matching maple pickup covers? Too late? Well one thing I dislike about the guitar is how the grains of the bookmatch doesn't seem to line up on top part of the body.. But overall, keep up the good work
  5. Man can't wait to see this thing done. Try a tiger eye finish..Yumm! Is this what your going for or similar?
  6. Ok....this is getting frikin freeky. First fookgub posted a picture that I saw exactly the time of the posting, then now sambo mentions the forum that I was just on and reading all day on...
  7. Here: http://www.ceriatone.com/ Buy all the components you need there... Can get yourself killa tone for peanuts.
  8. However I am not even a hobbyist. Havn't even touched on the subject lol...
  9. lol this thread is mainly for fun and interest. Likely not going to happen, but would like to see other people's thoughts. I thought it could be a nice retiring hobbie for some people. But a few thousands is a great deal for an 88r worth several million. Btw, you know its actually very scary cos I was looking at that very picture before opening this thread to look for updates...hmmm...stalker....stealing ip addresses...guess not.
  10. This is probrably quite far fetched from guitar building but is still music. I was wondering for those techheads on the forum building amps and preamps and the lot, I wondered if its possible to build recording mixers. For those who want more detail, I want to one day replicate a neve 88r.
  11. lol, free personal 1 on 1 therapy. Wow, what else can this forum offer !!
  12. But remember the behringer enclosures are plastic!
  13. Hey doing a great job. Keep it up! Yet again the striking grains of cocobolo has overwhelmed me. Love your work so far, sso hurry up and get it done.
  14. doesn't seem bad to be honest. Sure it looks bad, but its purely for studio use anyways and for that price! Its getting bought! lol.
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