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  1. Green ghost flames.... a jackson finish that they don't do any more..(unless you pay £2000+ for a custom job and wait 12 months...). and getting a king V with it second hand is nigh on impossible. if i was to recreate it myself, on either a shop bought v or a built one, would you recomend airbrushing, or using several layers of water slide decals? i'm quite handy with an airbrush and with photoshop. any ideas?
  2. +1 I tried a double rectifier head in my local store. theyre £1400 over here... gonna look into getting one in the states next year as long as i can get it modified for the power source... (and i can get it in my luggage allowance... the wife will have to travel light..very light ) but i tried it through a mesa cab and a marshall cab. the difference is astounding. I tried it through the marshall coz i have one and would've kept it for the new head if i was buying it that day. I'll definatly be getting a mesa cab as well.
  3. True, but i dont really want a wood inlay. i dont like them all that much.
  4. I was thinking of trying some inlaying, on a budget. and i mean a BUDGET! I was thinking, could i use a two part epoxy resin with a colouring ingredient? like a metallic paint mixed in when the resin is almost set, to give a swirl or non-solid finish? when it's dry and a few mm thick, i recon it may be ok to be cut/filed to a design shape. any thoughts? or anyone tried it? Neil
  5. I also have the book, my first purchase when i decided to make a guitar,... ok i confess i must have missed the bit about parana pine...my oppoligies
  6. Here here! i'm honoured to have a reply from the man himself!
  7. thans for th info all, i think i'll make a body out of it for now, even if its only to practice, but as far as the dryness goes, from what i've been told, it was part of a banister in a house for 20+years .. so we'll see. thanks again neil
  8. Ok, i know pine isnt really a luthier wood, but this seems quite dense. anyone heard of or have any idea if its any good? i have a 5 inch square piece, about 4foot long, quater sawn. any good for necks if its stengthened with a truss and carbon rods????? any help would be great. thanks in advance Neil
  9. Does anyone know the scale length of hetfields KL Explorer? Planning well in advance for making my fave guitar. Cheers in advance Neil
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a decent pic of the hetfield explorer with the inlay of a wolf turning to man? I cant find one anywhere , and i want to see an up close if poss. Thanks
  11. Thanks fryovanni, thats the way i was thinking of doing it, i know i just have to work out angles and thicknesses. cheers for the help
  12. k, i want the body to be no more than 1 1/2" thick, and i've got a t-o-m bridge. i dont want this set into the body. would it be better to plane down to the fretboard surface, or plane the front and back of the body surfaces to match the 'wings'?, oh, i havent measured the angle yet...
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