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  1. Not mesquite. These are apparently honey locusts, but everyone locally calls them bois d arc, or bodark... An incorrect designation, but regardless.... they are very difficult to handle. They actually grow thorns on their thorns. Mesquite would be more useful
  2. Such beautiful trees out here... a little spikey though. The hand is just for size reference. The scratches are from playing with my cat, not the tree.
  3. They lost that years ago after Katrina. It WAS kitschy but friendly. Now it's inundated with tent cities and full of crime. Between Houston, New Orleans, and California it's an entirely new population.
  4. This being on top of a hill that empties into Lake Austin, I'd be surprised if a saltwater pool were legal. Austin really has a lot of restrictions about lake pollution.
  5. Engineer was out today. He said no saltwater in this one.
  6. We also replaced a stair last year with the exact same issues caused by the company admitting to storing buckets of chlorine underneath the stair. Regardless, more fun pics.
  7. In this case the steel was installed in 2012. No steps were taken to properly seal the edge where the pool meets the concrete deck surface and then they put limestone paving stones on top of the concrete to effectively hide the fact that high chlorine pool water was draining through in improper places. Now of course they have to remove all the limestone and seal the gap. It's just sad that these steps were skipped because the owner likely accepted the lowest bid. To make it worse, the engineer is half-assing the repairs to cut down costs for the contractor. He keeps talking about i
  8. We are currently repairing a pool deck overlooking lake Austin. Apparently even on multi million dollar properties some contractors do shoddy work. Unsealed pool decks lead to chlorine rusting of anything and everything made of steel. Nice view from the deck though.
  9. I've kept up on my Claritin, so not too bad. Got my wire buried and everything put together. Started on a fishin' hole too. With this little tractor it'll be all week just to get the topsoil up and probably another week or two to carve to depth.
  10. Got my electric pole today. AC is life. Ducks and geese are adapted.
  11. Most drunk people I know drink borebon or whine.
  12. My first attempt at pellet smoking. No heat, only smoke for now.
  13. It's definitely helpful for rv living. If I were to set up the inside stove and use it I wouldn't have enough space to prepare the food.
  14. I like this. My cast iron is going to stay well seasoned.
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