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  1. Actually, Cadillacs sell themselves.
  2. I think it's the norm. Or, "wimmen be talkin'."
  3. I hate to even mention Tanya Roberts, seeing that she's a celebrity and not a "real" person... But I sure did enjoy seeing her on tv.
  4. Got a call saying work was postponed until next week, so I may actually get 'er dun just for a change of pace and a spirit boost.
  5. Only one type of jack fits. The shorty version. I wasn't even sure it would fit. I was prepared to make a spacer to fit under the plate. Still might have to, but I'm pretty sure the thickness of the paint gives me the tiny bit of clearance necessary for if the wood were to shift or something. It's also a carved top, so I placed the jack so the tip goes in at the slightly thicker middle area.
  6. Yes. I had a pretty good idea where all my junk was. Glad it's still there as I've not used it recently.
  7. Found all the parts. Hipshot bridge. Nut access? You mean the truss rod nut? That's on the headstock end. The Fender roller nut is the string nut. The metal one with the tiny metal rollers.
  8. Making it that thin involve a lot of doing things differently. Like the pickup mounting through the back, the small control cavity for only a volume pot, and the shallow jack socket thing. Plus since the neck and body are one big piece there is no neck angle and the fretboard is slightly thicker. It's made for a flat string through bridge. I believe it's a Hipshot or a Bad Ass? I'd have to scrounge it up. Anyway, the idea is that playing it will be about 2" from scratching your nuts. Fender roller nut too. If I get some time I may be able to complete it soon.
  9. Oh crap. I found the originals and the description. It's Cumaru.
  10. Well, it wouldn't load the guitar pic. This is all that loads.
  11. So I was talking to a guy about being fed up with my green truck, which although very pretty has been a nonstop problem I can't afford to deal with. If it were a throttle body model I could deal, but it's a vortec and the spider injectors and faulty head castings and everything else is just to much to take. Anyway, he mentioned to the guy I bought it from I wanted it gone and that guy wanted it back to throw a new motor into and give to his daughter who is turning 16 because it's actually a pretty safe truck being a z71 and all... so he offered a trade and I now have a truck that runs m
  12. It's the tax part of the holidays that really gets me down. It's like "Merry Christmas, here are three envelopes from the local government giving you the gift of land taxes!" Drak... yes, I discovered a while back why you burn guitars that haunt you. They just nagged and nagged at me until I had a barrel fire. I enjoyed it so much I keep the practice alive. My home is much roomier without them.
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