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  1. I ate cornbread yesterday and farted so much it started raining today. I mean, weatherman says it's unrelated... but what does that guy know?
  2. Banty apparently decided she's done with the ducklings. They're already too big to fit under her and they eat, drink, clean themselves, and huddle together without her while she sits on top of a box to get away from them. So I put her back in her chicken tractor and she immediately refreshed the nest and sat in there trying to make another clutch. I put 10 chicken eggs under her just to see what she would do and she's been sitting on them for 4 hours now. So I guess she wants more babies? Maybe she'll be more satisfied with this clutch.
  3. I need a Civic. Amazingly efficient and the only small car that I properly fit in.
  4. Pentatonix usually does Christmas/Christian music. They're very good at it. The others I haven't heard of.
  5. Btw, engineering interference into the engine is usually just an attempt at greater torque throughout the engine's rpm band through using a smaller combustion chamber and flat pistons. Used to be, the combustion chamber was large and pistons were dished from the factory, and power enthusiasts would deck the blocks, mill the heads, put in a cam with more lift, etc and create Interference where there was none. Now it's a matter of course for efficiency.
  6. Usually the timing belt is inside the front casing of the motor and completely separate from the serpentine belt. It's also much thicker. I still don't like timing belts because I think chains are better, but on an overhead cam the chain would be so long as to cause rattle.
  7. Those serpentine belts are great, but in my experience every car needs to be equipped with a male voice that says "pull over, turn the car off, and call your husband Ma'am!" when things go bad. I know, I know... sexist... but you all know it.
  8. These ducklings have way more personality than the ones I got from TSC. I'm wondering if incubated masses of eggs aren't just terribly inbred or something ? We had some rain. It's going to make the pond a bit more difficult. That's 3 feet up to about 8 feet of water.
  9. Maybe, but goats are still really cool animals. Baby goats are even cuter than baby ducks. Now I want baby goats.
  10. Had to change things up a bit. Banty doesn't understand how to get them to eat and I do. Chicks can scratch and forage as soon as they are dry from the egg. Ducks can't. I don't know what mama ducks do in the wild, but I know if you take grower crumbles and mix them with water you can wipe the mush on the underside of the tip of their bills and they instinctively lick it off. After that you can merely let them eat it off your fingers until you can make them understand it's on a dish or whatever after that you can just plop it on the ground and that gets them used to digging in the ground for f
  11. They were all old enough and spry enough so I put them in their new digs.
  12. Not really "names" as much as what they get called. Banty is a banty so she gets called banty. The male duck is Drake because he's a drake. I have a duck with a limp I call limpy, the smallest is little duck. The biggest female is super fluffy and round and makes piggy noiseswhen she finds food so I call her Little Miss Fat Pig. The geese do have names, but I rarely use them. Goosetavo, Gertrude, and Lucy Goosey.
  13. She hatched 3 others overnight. That's six duck eggs out of six. She laid 4 of her own while brooding, so apparently she thinks she can sit 10. Her 4 were unfertilized (no rooster) and she's a bit put out that I removed those 4 this morning. She doesn't know they won't ever hatch. Next time I'll give her 10 duck eggs or maybe some goose eggs.
  14. I looked in on Miss Banty this morning and she hatched a duck. Very fine specimen. By noon another had come. Just a few minutes ago a 3rd. She's a hell of a sitter. I was able to hand feed her while she sits and she let me pick up a baby... for a few seconds. She requested him/her back and I complied because I don't want to lose her trust. I'm building a special pen for them because the chicken tractor won't do because ducks aren't as agile as chicks. I buried the chicken wire a foot down and I'm making a 16 foot by four foot predator resistant pen with a completely predator
  15. China stops shipping stuff, demand gets crazy high, prices everywhere go up.
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