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  1. Sorry for the late reply, and thank you. It is cracked through into the control chamber although I can't get the pot out of the way for a picture without a deeper socket. Which I will be attaining tomorrow. Yeah I can see it protruding on the other side with part of it cracked through. I read that I can use a solder iron and water to expand the the wood making it less visible, will this work for my circumstance? Also can you tell me an estimated price a professional will charge for a service such as that? I will post more pics asap
  2. I recently purchased an Ibanez prestige S1220 body and there seems to be a crack on the surface that runs through into the body cavity. It seems stable enough for now although I worry for the future, I fear it may enlarge or even cave in the whole pot. (see picture) Any advice on reinforcing the area around the pot, possibly from inside the cavity? I was just going to cover the whole mess with a decal until I realized that it cracked through, I'm sure it happened because of the thin profile of a saber or someone over tightened the pot or both... Thanks for the help
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