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  1. Hello Curtisa, Thanks for your very detailed answer and the Wikipedia link. Yes, my first thought was to use flatwound strings, however, they are very hard to come by here in Europe and also very expensive. I could cannibalize existing string sets with flatwounds, but it would simply become too expensive in the end. There are no strings sets for electric uke available on the market, at least I've never seen one. Probably because it's still such a rare instrument, most uke players prefer nylon strings. Another issue is that there is no standard tuning for ukes larger than concert and
  2. Hello everyone, I have an electric tenor guitar and an electric tenor ukulele, both solid body. In most aspects, they are very similar to electric guitars, but they have only four strings and the scale length is different (23" and 17" respectively). I tune them both in the so-called Chicago tuning, which is the same as the four top strings of a guitar in standard tuning (DGBE). Because the scale length is shorter than a standard size guitar, the string gauges have to be thicker to get the same tension as on a guitar (when the strings are tuned to the same notes). Especially on the te
  3. That sounds good. My tenor guitar has wider string spacing than an electric guitar. Approximately 10mm at the saddle and considerably more at the bridge, because the strings "fan out" quite a lot. So the bleed will probably be negligent then. Thanks for your answers! :-)
  4. Is that because the poles are physically close together? Or is it the proximity of the strings? I recently bought a Little Torpedo pickup from Ubertar that I use for picking up only the bass string(s). With my old Rock'n'Roll ears, I don't hear any bleed at all. So maybe the bleed is so little as to be insignificant in a live setting? :-)
  5. Hello curtisa, Thanks for your answer. That's good news! I actually prefer a warm tone, so if the bass pickups could give me that, it would just be a bonus for me. I'll probably leave in the pots, just wanted to know what would happen if I took them out. If I choose a pickup with individually wound poles, do you think it would be possible to "split" them into four individual single pole pickups? The idea would be to route the signals differently to a stereo output using either toggles or selector switches, or maybe even a fixed routing. :-)
  6. Hello everyone! I want to do some modding on the electronics of one of my guitars. It's a solid body tenor, 4 strings, tuned as 1st to 4th string on a regular guitar, sometimes tuned as 2nd to 5th string. But I'm completely new to this, so there's is a lot I need to find out before I get started. Here are my most urgent questions, I hope someone out there knows the answers: 1) There's a volume and a tone control on the guitar, but I rarely use them. 99% of the time, they are both set on 10, as I control the volume and tone on different gear (volume pedal etc.). What would happen if I
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