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  1. So I kinda dropped the ball on posting this one, but it's done now and I'm really happy with it so here it goes! After finishing up my bass I still some sapele left over that was just long enough for a thru-neck blank, which made for a great excuse to start a new build. Took a quick trip to the local lumberyard and got some thin wenge to use as neck runners and a nice piece for a fretboard. The best find though was a 10ft x 7in x 1in board of quilted maple that was in a clearance bin for $25. It was too thin to bookmatch but I was still able to find some nice parts of it, plus I can proba
  2. As everyone has said before me that body is looking great! Also, if you are looking for an easy way too weigh guitars I'd suggest grabbing a cheap digital fish scale, you can get them for about $10 on amazon and they give you nice precise weights.
  3. That inlay design is looking great, the hand coming out of the tree flows really well. As for the body I'd say you should cut out the shape of the wings just around the neck, where you won't be able to access easily once the wings are glued on, but leave the more accessible further out sections of the wings un-cut to at leave some area to get some clamps solidly. If that makes any sense...
  4. I don't think you can get much more metal than this, pretty sure this is the peak. I love it man, looks so good
  5. Figured I might as well enter my newest built. This is my 2nd build and first real custom design, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Built it simply because I've never owned a bass before and I decided I wanted one! Built in the corner of my garage during my free time between highschool and work. Went a bit wild with the finish and burnt a sunburst finish then clear coated over it, and got a nice sort of rustic burst effect which I'm really happy with. The GC-B1 "Sunburn" 1 piece Alder body, carved and set on fire Sapele/ flamed maple neck Flamed maple fretboar
  6. And she's done! Well she still needs a bit more setup work but I couldn't help but play for a while. Wiring is pretty simple and went off without any real issues and I'm really happy with how the coil split works and sounds, it's my first time trying one of those. Might have to get some better quality photos later, just have some quick phone shots for now as I want to get back to playing this thing! Though I suck at bass...
  7. It's SprayMax 2K high gloss, was recommended to me by a friend of mine who does a lot of automotive paint work and it worked really well. It's in an aerosol but it's catalyzed so it dries very hard in not much time, just a bit expensive.
  8. A bunch of sanding from 800-7000 grit followed by a load more polishing did the trick! Next time though I think I'll invest in some high grit random orbital sander pads, as doing it all by had took about 4 hours and didn't come out quite perfect. Also finally got the neck glued in place and got the first coats of oil on the neck, super happy with how it all feels now that its together. Body is nice and shiny! Oil brought the flaming out in the fret board nicely The patch is still looking decent finished, grain doesn't match great but its nice and s
  9. Well the weather delayed spraying clear coat for a bit, we've had a pretty crazy last week or so here getting about 2 feet of snow so I had to wait a while to get a warmer day to spray. Finally had a day in the mid 40's so I went for it and closed my garage and got two area heaters going for a while and got the shop up to the low 60's. Went with Poly for this one as I have a bit of experience with it, and have no experience with laquer. Spraying worked out alright, a couple of drips and a bit of orange peel, gonna be a fun time sanding and polishing this one... The headstock probably
  10. Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out Well I broke out the blowtorch today to start finishing, doing some strange stuff here. I wanted to try out some shou sugi ban, and decided that a sunburst effect cone with a blowtorch could be cool so that's what I went with. Came out exactly how I was hoping, a kind of rustic looking tobacco burst effect. Did the back first in case anything went wrong Then I did the front and sides, burnt a bit extra as its really easy to sand back Sanded it back to the burst effect I wanted then wet it down to raise the grain
  11. Well the repair went super easy, just made a couple of cuts with a handsaw at either end of the scar, leveled it out with a big chisel, and inlayed a little piece of sapele. Grain match isn't perfect but it looks way better now than before, and only took maybe 15 minutes to do. Little before/during/after
  12. Yeah I thought I had it all measured out correct but it looks like between this fretboard being a little thicker than normal (it's 8mm or so on center), and not having the truss rod channel carved super accurately I was off. Definetly going to be more careful next time! This was the first idea I had, throw another strip of flame maple in there, I figure the transition at the heel and volute would be a pain. And thanks! I'm super happy with how the body turned out, just hoping it survives finishing, which may involve playing with fire. I think the plan is going to be cut ou
  13. Finally got my fret slot saw in and made some progress on the neck. Decided to do a pretty thin neck carve at just under 20mm and dug up the truss rod it one spot, was hardly noticeable at first but after all the work I had to do to fix the soft spot around it I've got quite the mark left. Still trying to decide if I'm going to try to do something about it, it looks horrible but at this point its strong and smooth so functionally I'm all good. Besides that though the neck carve came out great. Also got an alder cap on my tiny little headstock and drilled the tuning peg holes, and test fit
  14. I like the idea of doing the whole body out of fanned pieces of maple/walnut, could make for something really unique.
  15. Thanks! I brought out the random orbital between the gouges and scrapers, I do want some of those little thumb planes though, the look like fun and useful little tools. Thank you! I'm usually just too lazy to pull out any power tools from under my bench when all my hand tools are right in front of me and so much nicer to use. Thanks man, means a lot hearing that with how good all of your carving is. Thanks! Well I am now done with Finals for this quarter so now I should have a bit more time to work on this build. Got the body cleaned up and finalized over the last
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