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  1. You aren't the first to mess up with a router and you won't be the last. Save looks good though. If you really hate it then you've got an excuse to try a burst
  2. First day of eased lockdown restrictions today, pub gardens open, outdoor tourism etc. My Mrs decided to take our 3 year old and her two nieces over to an outdoor adventure place for young kids, gets back to the car and some arsehole has ripped the number plates off her car, rings me so I report it to police and I go straight out and get her some new plates made and got them fitted this evening. I don't really care about the reg plates, the £40 that it's cost me or the few hours of my time it's wasted, but pissed that someone would mess with the mrs car when it's just her and young kids, just
  3. those solderless kits with the pickup wires on a clip, have you made sure you haven't clipped them in the wrong way round? that could well give you single coil when you're expecting humbucker as it would essentially be flipping what the switch does on the push pull pot, and if you've just got one pickup clipped in the wrong way, you might get out of phase on the middle pickup selection, which would also be quieter.
  4. I'm not offended by that, perhaps spray another coat to darken it up a bit, might make the extra piece less obvious, either way I like it.
  5. Thanks Georg, I've made some minor progress on it, not as much as I'd like. I've carved out the back, cut f-hole and done all the holes for electronics. The bottom of that blade switch is a bit close for comfort, I certainly won't be using a random orbital in that department I'm planning to go for custom24 wiring: 1. Neck hum 2. Neck and bridge outer coils 3. Neck hum + bridge hum 4. Neck single + bridge hum 5. Bridge hum With the addition of a mini toggle so positions 1 and 5 can be switched to single coil too. If I can pull that off without it looking like a dogs dinner,
  6. Either you've carved the inside of that beautifully or you need to take that straight edge back to where you got it from
  7. @Woltz These are great, do you have a full size pdf of the Vela? a friend of mine has just asked me to make him one
  8. Thanks for the advice re the door - esp @MiKro I did look at options for replacing it but it's looking cost prohibitive so I've just gone with it for now with a temp stud wall although it was a real PITA to work round though, I think I've meddled with this track and motor enough to be able to start up a garage door firm. I've made some good progress while I've been off work over the last few weeks. I've got an insulated floating floor. stud walls and my dad gave me a few days last week with his plasterboard lift so between us we got the ceiling in, insulated and lighting sorted. 3 rows of 6 LE
  9. That scarfing jig is fantastic
  10. I agree, I am one of those mid 30s types that has ruined his back/neck due to bad sitting for 10 hours a day. I had a rotatable screen so I could code in portrait for a while but that was awful on my neck. @MiKro It's well worth changing your office around so you can fit two monitors side by side or you can get super wide screens now that will work as 2 side by side and they aren't super expensive for half decent resolution. This gigabyte one is a 34", a lot of gamers and AV editors use them I'm using an Apple thunderbolt display (27") and a 15" macbook pro, it's old tech now but it does me
  11. A way I did it in the passed a few times was to slot first and drill 2mm holes in first first fret slot and one up the other end, and use a couple of cocktail sticks as locator pins. that isn't without risk of drill too deep and you have to avoid the truss rod, but it's a good working method if you're using a pre slotted board or just cutting/radiusing prior to glue up. There are a tone of different ways.
  12. Based on the cost of living over there, $1400 can't even be a months bills for Average Joe can it?
  13. I'm in Oxfordshire, I would say Half way is midlands, stoke on trent ish.
  14. I'm up for it, aren't you way up in the frozen north of England? Might be worth arranging something half way
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