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  1. Thanks, yes they are but that bridge and tailpiece seem not to be readily available like the rest of the Gotoh catalogue, and the few places that do have it are charging a fortune. Stewmac hase it at £105, but by the time I pay trans atlantic shipping and UK VAT that's going to look more like £200 I like the fact they're small and squared edges, planning to recess the pots so the smaller the bridge the better.
  2. No, I've just lifted that from another photo, I was thinking about the Gotoh 510 bridge and tail piece but they seem difficult to come by. If you know of any other sleek looking bridge and tailpiece, I'm all ears.
  3. So a friend has asked me to make him a Stuart Adamson (Big Country) themed SG2000 in red (Liverpool fan) - After not knowing the model at all, then doing some research and going 'errr that's awful a few times' and a bit of photoshopping to include my usual prs inspired bits. I've come up with this. I reckon that could look flippin' cool. I hope that bit of maple is still on sale by the time he's dropped some cash.
  4. Yep you've definitely picked well there Jeff, I've similarly been going through a tough time lately, the housing situation is really stressful - nightmare neighbours, trying to sell our house etc while pulling long days and evenings with work to get projects done. My Mrs has been been a rock, though she does like to poke the bear from time to time.
  5. Font Awesome, is a font being used to provide all the icons. is failing to load, so all the page icons, text editor icons etc are missing. That will be occurring on all browsers.
  6. Got my colour problem sorted after the above blunder. Scuffed it all back a bit with a scotch pad and gave it another stain then a light coat of lacquer all over to seal the colour. Didn't bother filming any of the spraying because I was worried about runs or missing stuff. It's a PITA trying to film spraying because I'm worrying about what the camera can see, putting the camera in the right place meant getting the sun in my eyes and missing stuff. Once it had some lacquer on it, I used my walnut colour filler and wiped that on and straight off. Close up after filling grian - I
  7. Thanks chaps, really happy with the red one, colour has come out like a nice vintage cherry. I should have done a second coat of filler though so I'm def going to need a few more coats of lacquer before I can level it off. The yellow one is fighting me a bit - I got it stained and really happy with the colour At this point I was thinking about spraying a couple of really thin coats to seal then grainfill afterwards with a brown filler, but figured as I'm only spraying the body and headstock, filling the grain after sealing will cause staining issues on the neck. So I
  8. Been a while since working on these but just got on to finishing. Hopefully I'll get the yellow one done before the weather turns
  9. This has got me thinking of the early prs bright switch, you could always swap out your bridge volume for a push pull and use that in conjunction with your cap to give you a switchable tone.
  10. If you dropped that guitar in my lap, I'd have no idea what to do with it but even so, I think it's fucking epic Jeff, coolest build I've seen in my time on PG
  11. Good save, I couldn't see what you'd done at all until I scrolled up and saw the progress. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  12. Just sand more oil in with wet and dry, if 600 doesn't get the sticky patches, use 400. Once it's all smooth, wipe the excess off thoroughly. I'm not a fan of scrapers, you will end up taking bucket loads of finish of and potentially ruin a stain job.
  13. I've had this issue with Crimson oils before, you think you got all the excess off but you didn't. It's also possible that with all the heat at the moment, you left it too long and it became too tacky, It's 30ºC in the UK today, so I would be wiping the excess off after only a couple of minutes. Apply some more oil and sand it in with 600 grit wet and dry until the surface is completely smooth then wipe the excess off more thoroughly. When it comes to removing excess, I remove the excess, think I'm done and then get some clean kitchen towel and wipe it off all over again.
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