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  1. Are they? When I've ordered from Maderas Barber in the past, parcels from Valencia, Spain
  2. I have one of these, can't live without it! G&W in Portugal sell them, pretty sure that's where mine came form https://guitarsandwoods.com/tools-by-job/cleaning-2063981406 Alternatively, Maderas barber in Spain may well sell them too.
  3. wow that is seriously bowed, if your frets aren't too large for the slots, I wonder if the glue you're using before hammering them in could be causing the slots to swell.
  4. I normally do bound boards though I've always glued the board on prior to fretting, and always get the odd one that doesn't go. Have you checked the slots are deep enough and clean of dust and glue from the binding? have you taken the very edge of the slot off with a file? have you got your fret radius the same or tighter than the radius of the board? I'm usually guilty of forgetting at least one of the above
  5. Looking very nice, what wood is that on the top?
  6. Shredding sounds great in those vids, you clearly know your modes. I like that axe almost as much as I like the beard
  7. That is some epic looking maple, some of the curls seem to stretch all the way across the board, surprising how few defects that board has considering the size of it.
  8. lol, I live on a contentious little island in the middle of the north sea, about 1/3 the size of Texas. A huge plot of land sadly is out of the question.
  9. @RonMay Yep a couple of drops to fill the gaps is a good idea, especially between the underside of crown and the binding, last thing you want is a gap at the fret ends Jeff, as tempting as it is, there will be no custom inlays at the 12 we're going for a repair sympathetic to the condition
  10. Ah I see, I misread, 60 euros, well there is a degree of getting what you pay for. In this case, Pete (les paul owner) paid just shy of £300 for a refret. He did tell me the name of the luthier that did the work but I won't name and shame because that's not me and I've only heard one side of the story. Pete will no doubt tell his students who it was that rescued it so that's enough for me. Besides, I've got to successfully rescue it yet.
  11. Christ, 600 euros for that butchery! I can't imagine why A refret would turn into a refinish, refinishing is the last thing I would want to do to a guitar.
  12. ha first world problems, not having to worry about efficiency of space I have also been thinking about wood storage for I move workshops as I'm fed up with having it stacked in my office, unless I end up with a really big office that is (which I doubt). I figured these free standing units are probably the best bang for my buck at £150, I see a lot of woodworkers using them, even seen a couple of acoustic builders using them as workbenches. They're 1920t x 1830w x 610d so deep enough for tops and body blanks, neck blanks would either have to be stickered across or be poking out probabl
  13. I think he just whacks the contrast way up when he takes photos of the tops to bring out the curl. The bottom one for a SG2000 build I'm doing for a friend which will be red with a dark burst, the other one is not spoken for yet but I've got loads of quilt and next to no flame so it will get used for something - a couple of people are teasing about prs style builds so it will no doubt end up as one of my usual kind of builds. Def going to be building myself something in the near future though. I've got a load of parts and a set of PRS pups in a box behind me that are screaming to go in somethi
  14. Ordered a couple of carve tops for 2021 builds, that's as close as I've been to guitar building for the last few weeks. Apart from that, I tidied my house and showed some prospective buyers round. God I need to move
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