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  1. I'll kindly disagree on that point. Do you have your quarter yet?
  2. My fingers are intact and functional. I figured the Sawstop system would be a great place to start considering how essential a table saw is for many woodworkers. The video is quite convincing for me. The kinetic energy in a spinning sawblade is considerable. Dead stop in 10ms is impressive. I am consulting on a large estate liquidation that includes a rather well equipped cabinet/woodworking shop. The pictured blade was on top of a 3HP Sawstop that was BURIED under the flotsam and jetsam of too much stuff and not enough working space. There are some drawbacks to this saw but fo
  3. Just to be clear, this concept took hold a year ago.
  4. Sawstop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynEdke5dzIU
  5. This was the end result :
  6. My brain is in potato mode and I need an assist. Link to the German site that has all the templates and outlines. Bonus if I can get a telecaster pickup routing template.
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