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  1. Thanks, yes I looked at Mad Hatter, and the Schaller was the only one that was close, but not quite. It must be from some cheap no name company. I will have to see how it sounds I guess. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Brand new to the forum, I am getting ready to build a V style guitar in the next month. I built 2 guitars 25 years ago, but haven't since then. I have an old pickup I think I bought on Ebay probably 15 years ago, but I can't identify it. It looks like it had some sticker on the back of it that has been ripped off, and has no other identifier on the outside of it. It is a four conductor humbucker with orange, brown, red and black wires. It measures 4.6k on each coil. I have scoured the internet for color codes. but can't locate one that matches those colors. I am at work, so I don't have
  3. Brand new member marveling at your build skill! I am getting ready to build a V myself but with a bolt on neck. You are amazing with your hand tool skill. Liked the photos of the Black and Decker Workmate you use, I inherited my Grandfather's, who brought it from the UK to the USA in the 70's.
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