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  1. Ya i have a set of in line 6 grover minis already i cannalways changebout down tje road i will use what u have and thanks again for your advice....
  2. Ok great thank you....should i use 3 and 3 or is there left and or right handed tuners that i should be using for e b g?
  3. Invision a 7 with curves both sides of headstock id like to pkace 3 tuners on the bottom left and 3 top right but do i need diffrent tuners yo do this i have grover mini tuners
  4. Well still no luck on this headstock design..rhis 6 inline and my idea of putting 2 tuners on top of the headstock the ??? I have is can i put 3 on the bottom left and 3 on the top right of the headstock with out getting 3 and 3 tuners?
  5. Yes thank you.. im teying to keep the strings strait as possible
  6. Not sure about a acoustic build but im using hemlock for my neck in my build of my first electric guitar
  7. Well kinda in ur boat i went thru a music store to order my parts for my build everything could have beennorded from stewmac shows up st the same time...well not so they oreded from a few different suppliers to findnout it will b a month or more to get my floyd well from Korea sure it should haave been in stock in canada but nope so i hurry up and wait for things coming from all over...i will be making my own orders from now on....good luck with your strings
  8. It be the black 1 id like to use some how but top 2 strings would hit so idd like to move 2 of them on top of the headstock
  9. Thank you for the reply that might help i will try it and see if i can if not oh well i tryed
  10. Ya first off if i wanted to fish id go to a lake..im here looking for help on a guitar build smart guy not dam phone numbers but at this time is the only way i can post is on my cell....or email
  11. It wont let me post it says its to big and i cant shrinknir on my cell so thats the only way i can get pic is to send it by cell txt message
  12. If u have aa cell number i can send it to you
  13. Yes its just a sketch but it will show what shape i have and u can see that the top 2 turners r inline so id like ro put2 up top of the headstock..it wont let me attach pic its to big not sure how to shrink it on my cell
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