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  1. Haha.. yeah.. this is very much a do things, then realised I know the propper way do do things later kind of operation . I did think you can possibly do this with some clamps but I didn't investigate. Because I'm silly.. lol. I've found, since routing the pickup cavities my neck is a bit too loose again as it was clearly not square. I'll get another chance to investigate the clamps then. Im definitely feeling with this build I know the propper way to do things but I'm often doing it a much more dodgy way as I don't have the time or the right piece of material etc. I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned in to the next one.
  2. Yes to be honest I would like to try smaller more vintage wire, and I think I'd definitely be inclined to buy in bulk but my workshop is very salty and humid (next to the sea. It's a constant battle to stop things rusting up. I'm not sure I'd manage to keep fret wire pristine for any length of time unless I submerged it in oil.
  3. Yeah. I don't see any radius specification for hosco. Did you have a specific manufacturer in mind?
  4. Thank You both. Very kind as always. Yeah I was a bit paranoid about the inlay becoming dethatched so i was keen to seat it deep in the fretboard. I forgot to key it for adhesion too. To be honest filing through the inlay at the end took no time at all, quite pleasurable.
  5. That took way too frigging long.... like everything else
  6. Aww, thanks mate. Yeah I definitely considered a fence and templates. Frankly I just knew it would end up a massively over complex time hole when I'm taking so long as it is. I think inlaying like this would be better if done pre radius. Or I could have perhaps took my time with hand tools. What I should have done really was construct the whole thing in plastic then inlay it one fret segment as a time I reckon.
  7. Latest vid. I definitely made some bad choices here... but I'm employing the ol squinting and tellng myself its fine technique.
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