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  1. I agree. The finish was going on fairly smooth with the brush but it was effectively bunching up as it cured. I think that's down to the thick formulation, but it's that which allowed me to paint it on and have it stay.
  2. You are too kind sir. I'm sure it's %25 me %25 bad carving/prep %25 the formulation I'm using. And the rest the fact it's epoxy.
  3. Thanks. Are you in the amateur luthier group? I think ive seen you comment on there before but wasnt sure it was the same person? A D Finlayson is on there too. Interesting. I did wonder if there was a way to reinvigorate files. My workshop is fairly damp and next to the sea so rust is a constant issue. I've seriously considered having baths of oil to keep tools in. I don't know if any old acid would do but i have a bottle of hydrochloric somewhere. I would have thought acid would cause rust though?
  4. Also... a sneak preview if the dying.. (no clearcoat yet)
  5. Haha.. yeah.. this is very much a do things, then realised I know the propper way do do things later kind of operation . I did think you can possibly do this with some clamps but I didn't investigate. Because I'm silly.. lol. I've found, since routing the pickup cavities my neck is a bit too loose again as it was clearly not square. I'll get another chance to investigate the clamps then. Im definitely feeling with this build I know the propper way to do things but I'm often doing it a much more dodgy way as I don't have the time or the right piece of material etc. I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned in to the next one.
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