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  1. I'm going to take a wild leap and say this program is written in C# based on the file extensions? If so I think you'll be hard pressed to find a PIGUI, as most programs and utilities (at least in linux) are written in C or C++. That said, this is a neat tool! I'll definitely be using it for a future build
  2. I was looking at bridges last night and 1) holy cow are the hotshots I looked at surprisingly expensive for what looks like a simple piece of metalwork, and 2) the angle of the neck is largely dependent on the bridge height and the kind of action I want on the fretboard, yes? My ideal would be to have the action such that it quite easily facilitates a good clean slapp without taking too much effort to fret. Yet another fun hurdle to tackle, I suppose.
  3. It's funny you mention it, I was thinking about having a (near) infinite radius on the fretboard, so I could easily take some thickness out of the board for that, I think. I'm aware they make bass strings for short scale lengths to compensate, presumably by requiring more tension than standard strings. That said, if they dont make a B string that way it'll be a fun hurdle to jump over
  4. I'd have to agree with you on thin necks on a bass. My budget bass I got as a child is probably no thicker than my father's Martin acoustic guitar! That said, with this bass project I hope to have a similarly thin neck, or at least less of a curvature at the back. The graphic you posted is interesting. Though I'm sure the short scale length (only 4" longer than the aforementioned Martin guitar, funny enough) will mitigate the risk of twisting, it's good information to have!
  5. Ah, wonderful! Some math for a left brainer! Joking aside, that makes a lot of sense. That basically means I need a final length of 22.9" thereabouts in the fretboard. I didnt even consider the neck twisting. I'll have to look into either a dual truss system or adding carbon fiber rods, or both if I want a bit of overkill.
  6. Hello lovely fellow builders! Been lurking here reading for a while, and finally created an account for a couple questions I dont believe I've seen an answer to. If there are threads answering these questions I'm open to being directed to those and having this thread closed. As the thread title implies, I am in the planning and acquisition stages for a from-scratch 5-string bass guitar. I plan on having a through-neck, 24 fret design in a relatively rare 30" short scale length. My questions both have to do with the neck and fretboard. The first is, is there any standard measurement f
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